Ner (djner) wrote,

I would kill for a nice hot soaking bath right now, one that couldjust wash off all the dirt and grime I feel. its difficult because when you're in bed so long, your back ges all sicky and annoying. Sponge baths are just not the same, U don't know when I'll acttually be able to take a bath but hopefull they'll give me the ok to hang out in our huge bathtub, warm, relaxing, bubbles all around me.

Didn't sleep well as usual though I did talk to lots of people on the phone. Because of the morphine my eyes get all crusty and painful, so its sometimes painful not only to move but also to open my eyes.

Today I think the fam and Jo, old teacher of mind, are planning on coming. It will be good times though I worrry that the whole "what are we going to do about the Arizona trip." thing will get brought up again. I say they just go, and I'll stay somewhere else. Who knows what will happen.arg arg arg, stupid, very stupid.

I think I need to go back to sleep now, I'm dozing off as I type this. I'm workin on hangin in there, its just so hard sometimes. Just wanted to give a short update.

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