Ner (djner) wrote,

Hunger pervades me and I await the time that I go home. Who knows when that time will be as we probably will have to stay a bit later to get the paper theoretically printed. It is Friday though, and it really means nothing. When encased in the solid box of non working and non school as I am, you lose track of weekends. Every day is a weekend for me, even these days at school here. Yet I have no motivation to actually do work because I'm unable to find (a) my tape recorder and (b) its charger. Who knows how I'll get started.

Nothing happened much today except for I talked to a lot of people. That was fun, and I've enjoyed becoming a fixture in the classroom. I hope that the advice that I give some of them will help them to motivate and to get through difficult situations. God knows, I've been there.

I've continued watching the news and getting more and more annoyed with the state of things. I have not followed politics as much as I do now before Clinton; I guess I followed them during Bush Sr.'s presidency, but I don't think he annoyed me as much as George W does. It's my opinion that he doesn't even care what the people of America say. If someone speaks out against him, I think that it just goes right through his sieve of a head. He does what he's told to, reads scripts, and is pretty much a figurehead as far as America's concerned. Sure, he does lead, and sure he has "heartfelt" feelings about Iraq, but he really should be able to listen to the world. Is he deaf, I don't think so, but I don't think that he will ever back down from his plans; never will that happen. He's so committed that I think he'd commit political suicide by backing down. Sure, I think Saddam is a total pain in the ass, but please!! Listen to those who live in your country. This country doesn't live on a script as his life does. We don't have advisors who tell us what to do ro say! Does he realize this or do we all live behind teleprompters. Should we all go out and buy one or something. I don't know, but I still think that Bush needs to find a clue, somehow. Maybe I'm wrong.

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