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I'm sitting here reading the computer manual for my laptop (dorky I know) and drinking scathingly cold coffee. Maybe in a bit I'll brave the pain of my leg to get up, carry my cup over to the coffee maker, refill it and hope its still on. Miss Marsha is coming over at about ten, reminiscent of last year's injury. Its amazing just how long and how extensive this journal is. When I publish it after making millions and millions of dollars on new inventions that will save the world, eliminate all disease, and of course make super bones so I don't have to deal with the anguish I'm dealing with now, I'll look back on it and be like , woo man, have I come a long way. Of course I will have to rent/buy a cabin in the Austrian alps for six months, and it'll have to have wireless high-speed internet so I can hook up my highly customized, pocket laptop (which I'll invent for sure) which by that time will weigh two ounces and respond to thought waves, and then, provided lj is still in business (which I hope it is, if it isn't I'll buy it) and I'll hermitize myself and read this journal cover to cover. Now back to my world, the world of the wheelchair and relative luxury of walker driven transportation.

I've been doing ok. Yesterday my pain level was relative, I was chipper, and since I had new screen readers for my phone to play with, my mind with happy digital thoughts. I had a pretty emotional evening though, and wrote a long email to Heather (that's why I didn't write here last night, it was so long my arms were tired._ It was like I'd already written a journal entry. I think that I'll be stuck with her as a friend, darn, ;) but it'll take me time to heal. Worse things have happened to me, and I was glad that in my email, I was in essence able to close the sad chapter which were those events.

In that email though something occurred to me which I haven't written about for a couple of months. To my anonymous readers; family, professors, friends, non lj people, and anyone who reads the signature on my email and is curious and obsessive enough to check up on me :). Never worry about what you read. I write it here in the open, in the clear for a reason. Its for you the reader not to only know what's going on with me but its also a therapy tool for me. Some people worry about what they'll write to people in their journals. I just WRITE it, because it helps me out tremendously. The things I need to keep private or ideas I need to bounce off people, I usually post to my friends so I don't offend people, but I do write it somewhere. So what you're reading here, you shouldn't feel bad that you are reading something that is "not fit for reading", if I've put it out in the clear for all to read, then have at it, its my pleasure.

I've written this entry over a couple of hours because I just got off of the phone with dlambert and we had a great conversation about our faiths, how people perceive us as blind people and many other things.

We tested out the phone in the classroom where I have class, so it looks like going to class will be happening. I really can't wait because at least I'll have an idea that I'm advancing my mind some while I'm here. I'll make sure to update on how it went. Before, when I've gotten hurt, I've always got tapes of lectures, but this will be better because I'll be able to be interactive with the class, take notes and not worry about falling behind like I have in the past.

Finally, I thought I would mention publicly that my sister is finally going to get engaged with her now Fiancée Philip. I told them I would post the picture that I got from Philip here, so here it is. I'm sure they'll be an awesome couple together.
picture of Philip and Kelsea at a church service announcing their engagement
Philip and Kelsea at the engagement announcement at Philip's church

And so ends another entry. I hope everyone is well, I'm hanging in there, because hanging, and praying, is the only thing that'll keep me going. Keep those comments coming, I love them. You’re all great.

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