Ner (djner) wrote,

I've had a comedy of technological errors today which really annoyed me. First, I've waited to get my code for the screen reader on my phone, the thing that reads the screen to me and tells me what's going on. Its called Talx and its awesome. I got the code, and then realized that the number I gave them that identifies my phone was one digit off, the last digit is a 9, not an 8, so naturally the 16 digit code I had to enter which is letters and numbers and really annoying to enter on a phone keypad, did not work. So they were nice enough to email Germany again, but they say I'll have to wait until tomorrow for my code. THat's totally annoying but livable. At least I'll have it in Arizona which is the most important so I can post in my live journal via my phone. Miss Marsha ™ made chicken parmesan and it smells wonderful. Philip's here and we're waiting for Kelsea to get here so we can eat. I'm so looking forward to it because she's an amazing cook. Kelsea and PHilip are here because tomorrow they're wedding planning and I'm not L:). It'll be great to see them. I talked to my Grandma today for the first time in a while. She says that his radiation treatments are going well and the radiation doctor and the chemotherapy specialists both tell him that they think they can kill the cancer completely. They don't guarantee that it won't come back, but at least he'll be able to continue living, and a wonderful guy like him deserves to continue to live. I'm so happy, and glad I'll get to see him. I screwed up my entry from this morning and didn't allow comments so if you want to try commenting again, go here if you want. Sometimes, I hate it when I screw up. I can't think of anything non boring to write about so I'll sign off until I find something interesting to write.

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