Ner (djner) wrote,

Just got up; well, I've been up for a while, just haven't actually been able to get the pain under control enough to actually get up. But I'm here. My Mom's gone to take Fiona to Searcy where she'll stay with one of her friends, the ag teacher named Nina. I really like Nina, and she's a huge animal lover and knows more about animals than most, but "m really sad because already I miss her. Oh well, maybe the good times, once we get to Arzona will outweigh anything bad that I might feel, and I'll get her back on Monday after next so all will be good then. I just hope she doesn't get too sad and I hope she won't think I'm abandoning her. I wish I could have been able to take her, but we just couldn't :(.

Yesterday I didn't have to go to class afterall as it was cancelled. I couldn't understand why the phone wouldn't answer in the lecture hall so a call to the professor whose been helping me with all of this was made, and he read the sign that class was cancelled. I know that I've read several journals from several blind people who have had the same problem. Thank goodness I didn't have to walk down there and sit in class for a while only to find out that there was a reason why no one was in the room.

I continue to have problems with my phone and when I get back I'll probably have to take it into a service center to have it reflashed. What I suspect is that Mobile Accessibility screwed it up. If reflashing it doesn't work then, there's got to be a problem with the software. Somehow, judging about the numbers of people who use the software with my phone and have no problems, I think its a problem with my phone.

Our flight leaves at about 5 or 6, and we get there at 8 mountain time. I hope they can help me get a seat where my leg can be supported. I'm not familiar with the whole travelling across the country in a wheelchair thing but the airlines assure me that it is possible. Southwest Airlines definitely is not as helpful as American Airline is as it comes to disabilities. American is almost too annoyingly helpful :) as they haev a department that just deals with people who need extra help. It always kind of annoyed me but now I'd be happy to have it.

Well, I can't think of anything else to write so I'll close and probably either phone post or something, when I get there.

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