Ner (djner) wrote,

Thank goodness for a very cool sight that does not exist. I'll be watching Finding Nemo as I fly west; never seen that movie before and I can't wait really, even if it is a bit of a dorky Disney movie. Its cold and rainy outside, weather not condusive to walker or wheelchair transport. Oh well hopefully it won't be *too* bumpy on the way though I somehow doubt it, and/or too rainy when we get there. Where I'll arrive is a desert after all. Tomorrow,we'll make the two hour drive from hell Phoenix, to the mountains, where we will stay for the whole time. Got the code for my phone though there's still a problem with the software that I'll have to get fixed when I get back. Its just nice not to have a version that expires often. More when I get there, unless they're cool and have wireless networking in the airport.

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