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I am absolutely stuffed, the story of chicken day

I don't have much time on the battery left to write so I'll try to make this quick,even though, knowing me, and knowing that I'm feeling sluggish due to the amazing amount of food I just ate, I'm sure it will grow, definitely.

I should start by saying thanks to the many people who have added me in past days, notably metavlad who I have been reading for ages and has just added me back :). Thanks man, I think your writings are hilarious.

I spent the bulk of the day reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. This book is a best seller and I have had many people tell me to read it, but until today I haven't gotten the chance to get it and read it. I started reading it last night, and read about 20 pages. Today I read from about 10 to about 6, and was totally finished with the 460 page book by then. The book is about an American that gets caught up in a masterful plot between two super secretive societies related to the Catholic Church. Its a bit complicated to go into here so I'll just say that it definitely engaged my mind with very interesting ideas about religion and how its developed. I'm pretty liberal in my views, but I'm sure its somewhat controversial tone would anger some of my conservative friends. The storyline moves like an avalanche, and though its got a lot of history throughout (I don't read history books) this one included enough mystery and intrigue to keep me reading. Read it, or else! Hey, it'll be a way you can waste a day reading at the end of spring break :).

Moving on. Aunt Cathy (I'll post a pic of her later) came over with fried chicken. Aunt Cathy's story is an interesting one. We've known her for years and years, jI guess my mom knew her when both me and her son were little because her son also has a visual impairment. We all lived up here when we were little, so our parents (my mom, and Cathy) had fun talking about how to deal with us. We became family friends, and when I was about twelve, I found out amazingly, that she had married my Uncle Steve. That's where the Aunt Cathy comes in. That's also where her famous fried chicken comes in too as we'd always gather as a family up here in Strawberry. Cathy would bring the chicken and we'd eat and love it. Uncle Steve died of a heart attack about five years (don't quote me on that one) after he married Cathy. Even though Steve's not there and Cathy's now married to Clay, a really nice guy, she's still a part of our family and stil my Aunt Cathy. I always ask her to make me some chicken when we come up and today she came through for me.

She fried up two chickens and 12 thighs, and I'll probably be full till tomorrow lunchtime. Its amazing how much space that chicken takes up, and also amazing how much we ate. We have leftovers though which I'm very thankful for, mmmmmmmm lunchtime. She also brought seven layer salad, and we made mashed potatoes, vegetables, and peach pie for dessert. I'm glad I'm skinny, because I'm sure Cathy's got some hidden agenda to fatten me up or something. I don't have fried food too often, but when I do, I HAVE some fried food oh yeah.
After our chicken adventures, we talked about how convenient it is that we can buy chicken in the store and how "in the old days" you had to pluck and chop the chicken's head off. My mom told me about Mike The Headless Chicken"> who lived 18 months with his head chopped off. He's a legend and true, to check it out, I couldn't believe it. The things you learn after eating copious amounts of chicken.

And so I'm here and happy tonight. Last night I was a bit down because with all the wedding planning, I've been feeling a bit lonely; lonely that I don't have someone, and that I'll be the last person in my family to marry. I was also annoyed with my leg and with not being able to go back to school, but today, all of that really doesn't matter. I'm just trying to keep my head up, and mind busy, and no matter what I have to deal with, I'm sure that things will sort themselves out somehow. I'm always so positive that I think I deserve to have some down times :). I'm lucky though that I can keep a positive outlook on things. Hope everyone's well, and sorry for any typing mistakes, I'm on pain medicine because my eg and skin around my 24 staples is extremely tight and painful tonight. My coordination is a bit on the slow side; at least I can type and think. More soon.

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