Ner (djner) wrote,

back in Phoenix

I was so tired last night that I didn't feel like writing anything of substance. So I figured I would write today while I had the chance, and figured that it would be better to write when I actually had something to wriet rather than just blabbering on about nothing (which I do usually anyway).

We left Strawberry early, about 8:30 or so after breakfast. It was an emotional time because we were having to leave my Grandpa and Grandma to fend for themselves as my family did a lot to help them out throughout the week. He's still quite painful which is hard for me to deal with because I am very familiar with pain myself and I know how debillitating it can be. I keep telling him that the only way to make it through this is to be positive and hopeful that his three kemo and 9 radiation treatments will get rid of it. Its hard to be positive when you're in pain thougg, so its all hard.

I remember at first that I was apprehensive about coming to Arizona at all, not only because it would be a long trip, and a painful one now that I've broken my leg, but also because I'd have to deal with the sadness of watching my Grandpa in a much weakened state. I'm glad I saw him and he was glad that I was brave enough to come. We had good times together, even funny times, and I'd give anything to have more of them soon. Hopefully, that will happen.

We got here about 10:30, unloaded stuff, and then dropped the car off that we had rented to go up to the mountains. Now I'm inside out of the heat thank goodness, at my Aunt's house. They're planning a huge family dinner thing where I hope to get some pictures which I'll post. I'm not exactly sure what we'll be having but I'm sure it will good.

Tomorrow we'll be flying out very early (we take off at 7:30 a.m.). Being Phoenix, and the fact that it sucks ;), we'll have t be at the airport about two hours before departure so we'll have to get up really really early so as to not miss the flight. Luckily though, if I can make it through the 95° heat of today, I should be able to manage the minimal pain I've been having in my leg. It is so much better than last week. I can walk and stand up using the walker without any pain, and this makes me think that I'll be ready to physically go back to school soon. Unfortunately, I'll miss my classes because we'll be flying from Houston to Little Rock at exactly the time of my classes. Oh well.

I'll write more later; I'm starting to run out of things to write about.

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