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roller coaster day

I'm sincerely glad I waited to write this entry until tonight, writing at my usual accustomed time of 5 or 6 a.m. would have reaped some pretty nasty results and would have just pissed me and you the reader off royally. Suffice it to say this day hasn't been the greateest. Let's start with the present, then regress to the past, the morning.

I'm currently listening to one of my new cds, James Asher's Tigers of the Raj. It's his classic drum rhythms mixed with Indian vocals and instruments and electronics riffs to chill the soul. It truly rocks and I'll have to start ripping this cool stuff. I should brew some Chai Tea, an Indian tea mix consisting of different herbs, but I already made some today and an excess in caffeine would do be little and cause my writing to become haphazard. Do you know the when given Caffeine, spider's webs become haphazard and unusable. There have been thousands of studies done on this; one of my friends did a study in high school about it for science fair ad she either went to state or nationals with it. The only bitch of it is that making caffeine (extracting it) is a pain.

Ok, there you go for the present, I shall now regress. I received an email from Jonathan Mosen, station manager of Acb Radio interactive this morning. He basically did not know if I should be accepted due to my involvement in Test Pattern Radio and the fact that I was a member of management there. He invited my comments which I gave to him, all the while being depressed because I really respect him, and acb radio as a whole. I enjoy debating and have always enjoyed writing Jonathan and discounting what he says, so while being depressed, I had fun at the same time, an unlikely paradox but one that exists in my warped world. I'll cut in the final email with all replies after this in case anyone wants to read the crap that went on.

I was somewhat depressed all day because I really truly wanted to do a show as many of you would know. Not knowing what he'd say I waited in anticipation. I stayed home from school today because my mom had to do some grades stuff, plus she was quite stressed out. I didn't want to push it. So I stayed home and did some computer work. I download the new versoion of ots dj which allows you to use mp3 files. This will be greatly appreciated as I won't have to have two sets of files, an ots version and a mp3 version for my files, and I'll also be able to just rip directly and import or download, then import and all will be ok. Some of the files I've been downloading though are not tagged which is a bit of a bitch because ots dj does not recognize the artist data. No problem; I'll figure out something, somehow, even if I have to work for ten million hours on it.

I finished working on that and before having dinner I got a final email from Jonathan saying that he'd accept me as a member of ACB Radio because of my private and public courtesy to ACB Radio interactive. I'll now need to do some testingand then I'll be assigned a slot. I'll do a world music show with an emphasis on Celtic and new age, I'm really really excited, and relieved that he's relented and reconsidered.

My message to Jonathan and his first message that I was replying to:

I can see your points as far as what you've said. It's somewhat depressng to me that I'm in a way marked by what I have done in the past, or what I've theoretically done. Here's how I perceived my job on Test Pattern Radio, a station that does not exist anymore, and my views on some of those who have rejoined acbri.

As you know I created TPR for those who wanted to create a radio station for freedom of experssion, those, sighted or not, who wanted to do a show. The project was in essence hijecked from me and Chris, and in a way, took a totally different shape than what I had envisioned. Through the whole thing, when we talked, when there were problems, I never said one thing either publically or not against ACBRI. Though you scoffed about the idea of working together, I always was kind of a midpoint between the two projects and teid so hard, lost many days of sleep, to try to get tpr to work more professionally together with ACBRI. I was more of a middle person as a management figure, and as program director I was quite laid back in my management style. Me and Chris designed a scheduling system that allowed us to observe and fix things when we needed to.

Here's my dilemma about those who rejoined. As you have said I always was professional even on tpr, especially toward the end, that's just my style. I've continued to talk to my friends on acbri, including you when I was able to listen to your show. There are some i.e. Corey Jackson who were able to rejoin who had a very much more active role in talking about and fostering the separation between the two projects. This doesn't mean that those who rejoined couldn't change their views, people change views all the time in the realm of politics.

Here's my views on doing a show. As you may know, I have been at home now for a month with a broken leg. I do a show on KXUA, our university radio station, and this gives me something to do. In doing a show on ACBRI, I have no political or otherwise pull; I just want to as I have always done, bring my music to the internet airwaves. I feel I left ACBRI amicably, and the people I have talked to feel the same. Whatever your decision will be fine with me, but I do hope you give me a chance as you have to experss my comments and thoughts. I waited a long time to decide whether or not to rejoin, and I made the decision to contact the team because I felt I had the time and the drive to bring my dierse music collection to the world. I hope this all makes sense to you, and I understand your reservations, but I hope that you can understand that as far as I saw it, I did everything in my power to help t lessen friction rather than create it between the two projects. I hope that this effort does not go unnoticed. Thanks for your time.

Noel Romey
At 05:03 PM 3/10/2003 +1300, you wrote:
Hi Noel.

Steve Matzura forwarded to me your request to rejoin ACBRI. As you
probably know, we've accepted quite a few people who left for Test
Pattern Radio who we feel may have been unduly influenced by peer

We have also declined to take some people back on the grounds that ACBRI
is now much more professional operation. We don't want for broadcasters
and we have commitments to sponsors as well as to terrestrial radio
stations who take some of our programming. We have a stable base that
we're building on and are in a position to meet royalty obligations.

Frankly I am a little undecided about whether you fit into the category
of people we want back or those we don't. On the one hand, you always
acted professionally on the air. On the other, you made it clear that
you believed in what you called "free expression", implying through
those comments that ACBRI somehow did not. You chose to provide a
vehicle through which people who sympathised with a broadcaster who was
dismissed for reading blatant pornography on the air could leave ACBRI.
That project frequently illegally used material of ours for which they
did not have copyright clearance, insulted our broadcasters on the air
and via your schedule, and generally acted in a hostile manner. By
offering them somewhere else to go, it could be said that you played a
major part in the friction that ensued.

The dilemma I have is that we do have broadcasters in our midst who were
loyal to ACBRI during the times when the people who became Test Pattern
Radio broadcasters threatened to tear it apart. Some of the decisions I
have made with respect to taking broadcasters back have caused
unhappiness among the team. I believe it may be a stretch to accept
someone who was one of the key people in the establishment of Test
Pattern Radio and someone who was one of its management figures.

I am writing this message not because I am saying that I don't want to
have you back on the air, but to appraise you of the issues surrounding
my decision, and to give you a chance to comment.

His final Reply

Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 10:58:25 +1300
From: Jonathan Mosen
Subject: RE: ACBRI

Hi Noel.

Thanks for this. I've had to make a number of difficult decisions
lately, which haven't been universally applauded, that's part of the
joys of running a project like ACBRI, which of course is just a subset
of the entire ACB Radio operation that is now my full-time job. The
decision to agree to have Cory back on board was certainly one of the
most difficult.

I readily acknowledge that publicly and privately you haven't conducted
yourself in any way other than courteously and professionally towards
ACB Radio. And on that basis, although it won't be universally popular,
I think we can proceed from there and you should work with Steve with
respect to getting the necessary broadcasting information. Finding a
slot won't be easy, but that's Steve's department. Best of luck.

Plans for tonight include, well, nothing. How many times have I written that? I should really get a life don't you think?

War rhetoric continues from Washington, making me increasingly madder. I hope Mr. Bush has as much fun as I have at writing these journal entries, more later if there's a world left to write to. Does live journal's colocated boxes have fire proofing and explosive proof backup tapes. If so, what I put down here will be around for ever for better or worse.

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