Ner (djner) wrote,

I'm definitely progressing

I felt good enough to stand on one leg for about ten minutes to make a mocha. And A tasty mocha it is let me tell you. I'm feeling the caffeine already.

I attended all of my classes today, and even though I didn't actually go there, I felt tired after it all. Its difficult to listen to people via a speakerphone and try to sift through the background noise and try to also listen to people in the class's questions. I imagine what I'm experiencing is kind of like what a person with a hearing aid might feel.

I finished scanning my interlibrary loan books so now I get to spend a while looking through the three books I have to submit and see how they actually scan. I've got it down now so that I can do pretty clean scans but I always check it out for sure.

Before I close this amazingly short post, short for me taht is, I'll post this. Kind of funny and definitely expressive of my friends page.

djner's Friend Fusion
...I'm either bored or
hungry. The outlook really isn't quite that bleak, fellow readers. Bored bored bored. Hungry, too. That is my prototype, but the way I'm going about
it is definitely going to be a bottleneck in the future. Currently, ...document? 23. What keystrokes will give the phonetic pronunciation of a character?
24. What keystrokes will read the contents of a was even more amazing than it normally is on the phone. I'm really looking forward to this weekend
a whole ... ...particular about whom I give full trust to. I haven't had my trust truly violated ever since. :) talkative: I when ...have
Scots Gaelic, as my grandmother spoke it to me in my childhood, but have lost it completely while out here. ...intro. But it does have a bass solo in it
though, just for flava :) Too bad Jessica isn't around though. ...accept once in a very great while. but today my cousin had his graduation party. He graduated
from devvry, and if ...that's all that matters. I kno I said this earlier but I have to keep reminding myself that everything will be ...
Make your own LJ Friend Fusion

LJ Friend Fusion by hutta

Man I have weird friends. Until tomorrow morning ...

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