Ner (djner) wrote,

another quiet tuesday

its one pm and I haven't eaten lunch yet. Perhaps after I finish this writing, I'll get onto heating up my lunch and consuming it.

Tuesday and Thursday are absolute hell for me. I attend no classes, and have not too many people to talk to here out in the middle of rural central Arkansas. My sollace is my live journal and the noise comes from my XM Radio, now tuned to a rock channel with accoustic and spoken (sung) rock music from people like John Mayer (spelling) etc. ITs good background and backed up with the incessant chatter coming from my computer, I'm managing.

I thought that this moning would be consumed with discussing process control, a dull subject which is so graphical it becomes difficult for me to understand. I got an email however, after I called, that my professor had to attend jury duty, therefore couldn't meet with me. So I got up at about 8:30, early for my 12 a.m. bedtime that I've been holding lately, and called Fayteteville. I spent a huge amount of time talkng to people, and talking to people was what I definitely needed to do :). I never would have thought that I could spend twenty minutes talking to the chemical engineering secretary about politics, religion, and justice, but I did. And then I talked to my advisor, who is an avid reader of this journal and. Sometimes I forget this, and its very unnerving when he cuts me off midstream in the middle of an explanation, only to finish my sentences and saying that he'd read that weeks ago. This, I expect from people who are on my friends list, but from a non lj person, it throws me off guard at times :).

I'm in the middle of reading Pompeii By Robert Harris and I'll give a review once I finish and submit it. I spent much time on amazon buying things, and even though I don't spend much money at home, I think I probably should stop. I should, if I can sell the two books I bought (a good possibility) be able to recover most of the money though. I got a memory card reader which will be cool to have because I'll be able to get the pictures off of my phone more easily. I"ll also be able to fix my memory card which is apparently causing all of my phone problems; I'd rather do that than send the thing into Nokia where I won't have it. + I'll be able to use the reader later on if I get a device that uses different flash memory types.

Well, suppose I should eat now before it gets too late. Welcome to the newest in the throng taht are my lj friends arkiwriter. I hope you and the rest of the readers continue to enjoy this journal, even if the entries are long and drawn out. Hey, what else do I have to do these days right?

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