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absolutely apolitical rantings

Have been battling with the internet again today. I haven't been able to find my bluetooth device and don't want to deal with infrared, so I just waited a bit until the internet ceased to be stupid to write. My dad's getting kind of narky (Australian word meaning annoyed) about it so hopefully we'll get dsl soon. Of course I'll have to do the research, but until tasked to do it, I won't because I hate talking to our local phone company.

I ahven't started a new book yet, haven't felt like starting a new book. I'm waiting the couple of days until I get Richard Clark's book. Though sometimes political books can get boring but with the current events and constant stir on the issue, and because I've got time, I'll probably at least scan the whole thing, and skim parts of it.

Now its time for ner to GET POLITICAL, a weekly insight (well maybe not weekly) into what ner thinks about the screwed world we live in. I never listen to talk radio, mostly because I never agree with what most of the talk radio giants talk about, mostly because I'm a staunch Democrat. So I was pretty amazed to find that xm now has a left facing talk radio station, and also that Air America Radio has gotten amazing mand news edia coverage. So I've spent the past day listening to xm America Left and Air Amerca (hahaha) Radio. Its very weird that I actually agree to most of what these people are saying. I think that the network has a bit of room to improve, but it is important I think that people are given an alternative to people like Rush Limaugh and his conservative talk. I'm not sure why conservatives have ruled the airwaves before, maybe because Liberals like myself don't necessarily listen to talk radio. I don't know how long it will last, the left talk radio, but with people like Al Franken having a show, there's sure to be advertisers who will cover the network. I know people will disagree with me. "Media is Liberal in nature". "Its unamerican to be liberal, support the president"> But I am just glad that there are people who do agree with me, and more importantly, that I have an alternative to Limaugh to listen to during my boring days here. I wish the new hosts luck in the crazy world of talk radio. SHould definitely be interesting for the progressives because PROGRESS is what I think we need. Regardless of what party or political orientation you share, the atrocities that occurred yesterday in Iraq are sure proof that something's gone wrong over there. I think we need to get done, secure everything, and get out as fast as we can.ON the other hand, we can't leave now or the deaths of not only the contractors that were killed yesterday but also the 600 troops who have died during combat would be completely in vain.

That felt better :). Its good to discuss, to debate, and to most of all get things off of your chest. hahahaha.

And that's about it from here. I've got some homework to do tonight/this afternoon so I can get it turned in before classes tomorrow. More soon.

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