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mmmmmm, tasty

TOday was another Saturday with the guys, me and my Dad. Miss Marsha ™ and mysister came back last night from Fayetteville, and they are all up in the WEDDING PLANNING (in all caps) mode. Me and my dad choose to be far away from this as we believe whole heartedly that men could and do find these activities harmless to health.

So we decided that we'd do the following: go to the library to activate my library card, get liquor (a man's job), and look for dogs (a dad's job). THanks to the fruits of our labor I cashed in and got a 1 L bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream. I'm drinking it with espresso right now and it is awesome. After running out of it the end of the week (I noticed that it had literally dried up because there was so little in my little jar), I KNEW I'd have to get some more even if I don't use it but once every two weeks or so. I sat in the car for the dog hunting expeditions of which my dad's becoming more and more nerotic about since Boomer died. I know he's missing having a dog to hang with, so I'm ok with his neroticness. :).

I also got my two books from amazon and will be scanning very soon, and I'm sure to have many more books to scan too as my library card now works YAY.

Yesterday was kind of a slow dy. We had our first group meeting for project three in the chemical engineering design class yesterday. Hardly anyone knew about the meeting so for a while there there was just two of us in the meeting. We ended up at the end with three, and I really hope that things progress shortly as the project's due in late April. Which sadly and scarily means that the semester is almost over as well.

Well as to not bore you further and until I can think fo new and interesting stories to tell, I'll sign off. I"ll definitely have to remind myself soon to tell the story of the Engagement Anouncement Dinner and the southern customs regarding weddings we're becoming very familiar with. Its interesting, very interesting, agonizing nonetheless, but interesting and educational. More to come about that soon.

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