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A few months ago before I started becoming involved with Chai Alpha and socializing I remember complaining about how I couldn't stay awake late and how I got up at 5 or 6 every morning. Since I got home I've been sleeping in until like 9 or 10 every morning. Lately, I've been seeing this is a problem, not because I've been sleeping in: this, I think is a good thing. But more because I feel like I'm missing something in the day. So today I got up at about 7, mostlyso I can go to sleep earlier tonight and get up before 8 to watch Dr. Condelesa Rice speak on the 9/11 commission. Should be an interesting thing.

So I'm awake, and I figured since I have some time (lately on Monday Wednesday or Friday I've had 0 time to do anything but classes) I would write. And that's mostly why I haven't written much over the past few days. I've either had no time to write or nothing to write about. THis morning however, barring the fact that it isa Wednesday, I DO have things to write about. I'll cut it in case you don't want to read it, but I must write this down.

First, on coffee, it is good, definitely helps me get up early. Its rainy outside, making me want to go back to sleep but I know I have a group meeting this morning and I need to be alert so I can convince the others to work. Its just thundering now and I am so lucky :) that I don't have to walk to class and just have to dial a ten digit number to teleport me to Fayetteville. Have been emailing some in the middle of writing this entry, and now its pouring.

Anyway, here goes with my major issues; forget the everyday bs, none of it has been exciting enough to write abou.

I've now successfully sold both of my hardcover books. I think for the whole thing it cost me maybe 5 or 6 dollars. I'm excited, and can't wait to completely read them all. I've started reading Richard Clark's book, and though I've read the first chapter only, I have been impressed by both how well it was written and also how well he speaks about his thoughts. Karen Hughes, the ex-chief counsellor to Bush, spoke on Larry King Live on CNN last night (more on that in a bit), and she talks about how it is a distorted view of things. Depending on your frame of reference, it WOULD seem distorted. We'll see how I feel when I finish the book.

The war is getting completely out of cntrol. I'm not sure what the answer is, its not to get our troops out of there now, but worry that the fact that the growing anti American sentiment will continue to spread and more people will die pointlessly. I just hope I will hear more about the positive things that people in the administration talk about existing. From what I can tell, the only thing positive that's happened as of late is that Saddam was captured. Arg. And listening to Karen Hughes on Larry King only made my blood boil. She couldn't stop going on about how this uprising was nly caused by "a few radicals", and then hearing right after the show was over that the twelve people killed yesterday was probably more caused by the Suni muslim factions was kind of interesting. I wondered if this could have been caused by liberal CNN, but according to them, this realization came from the pentagon. Its all about spin and politicians and loyalists to politicians, regardless fo side, are champions of spin.

And finally.

I listened for the first time to a morning program on Air America Radio. Usually, I enjoy the more moderate leftwing programs, but this program I listened to was so far left, it was scary. To oppose the religious right and their political ideas is one thing, but to oppose religion altogether and to make fun of it kind of annoys me. Being liberal to me means being open minded to people's ideas and beliefs, but these people this morning seemed to me that they were so open minded that they were close minded to religion. I just think that if you're going to disagree with religion, let people believe in it and don't make fun of it. DOn't for example, make fun of the Republicans by fake praying in a "morning devotional" that John Carey will win.

Well, I suppose I should end this thing and eat some breakfast. Since I've gotten up early, I've had enough time to get hungry enough to want to eat breakfast. Sleeping in gives me no time to get hungry for breakfast, but only allows me to just make lunch. More sooner rather than later :).
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