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The HOrr the Horror, ner's horrifying tale of the wonderful pre-wedding feast

I've been getting asked questions of how the wedding diner was, and I'm going to try to answer them n this post. I still haven't received the actual menu from Miss Marsha ™ yet and when I get it I"ll put the text (so everyone can read it) and also get the picture she's put together. I swear, she actually had a menu made up for the thing (this isn't surprising though since she makes invitations on the side). Since I don't have it I'll try to describe what we had.

We got there yesterday afternoon after the two hour drive which everytime we make it seems to get shorter, and kind of hung out for a while The dinner wasn't until like 6:30 so we had a bit of time to kill. We had appetizers; crackers and random stuff to put on the crackers (I know it wasn't randomstuff but I don't have my dictionary handy to tell you what kind of stuff it was,)and tried to prepare ourselves for what was to come.

Have you read Heart of Darkness
The two families had a great time laughing, telling stories, and generally having a great time staying awake for long hours afterwords. I'm actually surprised I'm awake still now because Miss Marsh ™ and I stayed awake until like 12:30 and I got up at maybe 7 when I got licked, in the mouth not on the face, by Philip's little Jack Russel Terrier, Mikey. Miss Marsha ™ took a nap; I've been too busy playing games on my computer to think about taking a nap.

Overall though, all the spent energy, all the stuffed stomaches, and all my horror was definitely worth it. I really hope I can meet someone some day who can match with our family as much as we match with Philip's family. We've got all kinds of skills between the two. I said that with Miss Marsha ™ as our Martha Stewart, me in charge of technology, my mom in charge of audio visual and education, my dad in charge of demolition, Philip's dad to manage us (he's currently a hospital administrator), Philip's brother as our chief comedian, , and Kelsea and Philip as our spiritual advisors, we'd do smashingly marooned on a desert island.

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