Ner (djner) wrote,

The quest to et up early for once.

I really need to break my newly acquired cycle of waking up at 10:++ a.m. and going to bed >=12:00 am. Usually I'm an early to bed early to rise person. Not anymore. Distance ed has softened my sprit and resolve to wake and go to bed with the birds. So I think I'll slowly force mself into a much better cycle. Perhaps going to bed at 11 or so and then waking up at 9. Then I'll move it back even further. Of course then I'd miss the Letterman show which I've watched with much greater frequency in my new night owl phase. So I guess I'll have to just move back the waking hour therefore increasing my waking hours. This could have several good points.

  • The coffee pot is an automatic turn on / shut off type. If I get up late, its had time to shut off, making getting to the microwave to heat it up a difficult thing using walker aided transport.

  • I could theoretically have more time to work on Things that are school related (or otherwise; may include computer games and/or internet messenging).

  • Getting up early also helps me to be a more productive member of society, theoretically increasing my waking hours and dcreasing my hours I spend in bed tossing and turning due to insomnia.

  • I make less annoying noise walking around using walker aided transport at night, therefore helping not to incur the wrath of the parents complaints. Perhaps I should try to learn something from Little Rock airport which stops flying at 10 pm.

  • and finally, it's really demoralizing when you get up three or four hours after the dog. All real men should at least kick the dog out of bed because they're awake before them. please.

That my friends, is the ultimate of pointless writing. Closely followed or proceeded depending on how you look at it by my assahol entry which you can find Here. Note: that took forever to find, so I hope you guys like it because it further delays me going to bed and I'll hold myself responsible if you don't enjoy it, not that that's a bad thing.

Now to the mundane. What I did last summer you ask? No, Today you fools. Today has been, and yesterday for that matter, quite boring and uneventful. I've continued going to all of my classes, and even did an alpha chi sigma meeting via speakerphone which was quite interesting. All of this still doesn't beat being back up there but for now, this will have to do and is tons better than nothing. I don't have the exact number of days until I'll be back at things or at least hopeful about it, but my doctor's appointment is on the 8th of May, so not long, not long at all.

I think I'll fail my quest of getting up early if I don't at least leave you all now. God, I'm yawning now, maybe sleep will follow shortly, just maybe.

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