Ner (djner) wrote,

Trust me, you haven't missed much

There's no real reason why I haven't been writing. Mostly its been that I haven't felt like writing. NOw, I'm just sitting here, connected to the internet yet again using the cel phone. This time, the internet's legitimately down due to probably a lightning strike or something like that. TOday its been raining on and off. This isn't really light rain, these storms are angry storms. So I'm sitting here and drinking some chai tea that came in my package that I got from Camille (Thanks Camille it was so cool to get mail). I'm not used to sweet chai, I'm more used to the chai that's like just tea and spices but this I guess is kind of vanilla-ish and nice. Hopefully it has not too much caffeine in it so I can get to bed at some point soon.

The week has been very busy with the semester coming to a close. I'm working with my group to finish the design project which we found out today is due in a bit over a week.

My dad finally got a puppy named Zim last Thursday. He was kind of fanatical about it as he got to the pound to fight for the dog and be the first one to get there before 8 a.m. He was, and he made a lady very sad because she REALLY wanted the puppy. Her story wasn't good enough so we now have the dog. He's very energetic, but he's such a sweet dog. He's not Boomer, but he's fluffy and nice to cuddle with, if he stops biting you. I have pictures but obviously with my slow connection I can't post them. Possibly tomorrow.

And that's about it fr "what's been going on with me". I've been really bad and not read any journals as well, so I hope everyone's well. I'm hoping to start gettin back into the livejournal thing as I know I love not only writing but reading the writings of my friends. I'll write tomorrow, hopefully a more poignant and meaningful entry.

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