Ner (djner) wrote,

The tail of wpilt wine and my Plan of Attack

I have internet, and currently, its not raining. And, I have a nice strong mocha which I'm enjoying so I figured that I would write.

I still don't have puppy pictures but that will come soon, I think.

I spent the day listening to the rain, radio, and generally enjoying relaxing. Very boring I know. It rained a lot, about five inches, and though I know we needed the rmoisture, we're going to get lots more before its over and I'm afraid we'll have to rent a boat and float down our driveway.

. I ordered my copy of the new book by Bob Woodward called Plan of Attack. Its such big news and so "scandalous" that people are talking of it like "have you read THE BOOK? I doubt its that big but I'm going to read it so I can make my own opinions. I'll probably come up with the same ideas as many liberal politics folks i.e. those who have nothing better to do than listen to NPR and other talk programs.

Zim continues to be ornary though he allowed me, today, to pet him wthout him biting me. I think he learned after biting me this morning at 6:30 when I smacked him lightly on the nose to make him stop. Usually he keeps on but tonight I think I won him over when I gave him bits of food after he let me pet him. He's just being puppy like I know, but he needs to learn that humans don't = food. I did have an unfortunate event concerning him tonight though as I wrote this. He likes, for some reason to curl up right under my office chair. Because he's such a quiet dog, I didn't knwo he was there and rolled back just a bit. He squealed, I jumped, my hand hit my wine glass full of white wine, and the wine and glass smashed on the floor. It was like one of those bad horror films where everything bad happens in slow motion. I guess it could have been a comedy movie too, or a cartoon. I swear though I'm stopping using those glasses though, I'm afraid I'll break them all.

in answer to aida_melodica Zim is a small dog, and he'll probably stay Zim is a small dog and he probably won't get to be very big. He weighs about eight pounds, or I should say he Weighed eight pounds when we got him. He is a mut with a curly tail. I'll leave out the colorations because I can't remember and I know he's a multicolored dog. I promise, tomorrow I'll post some doggy pictures :).

Well, I suppose I should try to get to sleep. I'm going back to the stay up late cycle of being, and though I got up at 6:30 this morning, mainly because Fiona was growling and barking at Zim because he was annoying her too much, I decided to invite Fiona in bed for having to deal with a troublesome and curious puppy, and we both slept until ten. So I hope everyone's well. I'll write tomorrow.

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