Ner (djner) wrote,

summer plans

I forgot to talk about what I paln to do this summer and how my leg is doing. My leg's great, no pain there. I just can't wait until May 8 which is when I get to meet with the doctor about putting more weight on it. Depending on what he says, I'll go back up to school in an undetermined amount of time so I can finish some classes. Most people live in Reed, on the other end of campus, BFE if you know what I mean. Being that I'm fresh from breaking bones, I asked housing if I could still say in my room which is close to the center of ampus and close to the ELC. After a week of waiting, I found out yesterday that I indeed would get to stay in my room. Gregson's usually a conference / Wal Mart Convention hosting site so I guess I get to share the halls with high school Advanced Placement graders and Wal Mart storemanagers or CEO's. Should make for some interesting observations which I'm sure I'll apprise everyone about.

I'm off for real now, to read more of my friends page this time.

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