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I haven't done much today but what just happened makes up for my inactivity. Today was the chemical engineering spring banquet. Basically, you go to a hotel or some place they haev set up, and you eat tasty free food and have a good time meeting with your friends etc. They also gve out awards and scholarships. You never know if you're going to get a scholarship or award or not, you just go and get it.

Anwyay, I got a call from Col. Myers, one of my most avid readers, and my advisor. The conversation was like this:

Me: Hello?
Colonel: Hey Noel, what are you up to tonight?
Me: Not much, not much at all. How are you?
Colonel: Well, that's understandable you're not doing much, I'm at the spring banquet.
Silence on the line as I wonder how he's at the spring banquet and I hear absolutely nothing on the phone.
Me: Ah yes, that's understandable as well, what can I help you with?
Colonel: We jus wanted to call you and tell you that you've received the Tracy KEarn scholarship
More silence on the line.
Me: Oh wlw, I can't believe it.
I kind of felt like I was in the spotlight or something, like I won a huge prize. It was like I was on a huge radio ro tv show and I was and am amazed.
me: (General thanks and banter)
Colonel: Well, you're welcome and you deserved it. Everyone wants to tell you to come back as soon as you can.
Me: I'll be back soon definitely.
Colonel: Well, I can't keep going on with this conversation because we have other things to do here, so we'll talk to you later.
And then there was applause.

The story of this scholarship is this. Tracy was in her fourth year at the university getting a chemical engineering degree. She was diagnosed that year with luchemia and went into the hospital. Even though she was obviously terminal. So, two weeks before she died and all her courses completed, she was presented with a diploma. She wanted some money to be set aside to be given to a student who has overcome a challenge or an obstacle.

Yes I've overcome an obstacle I'll give them that, but I think the most amazing thing is that I was honored enough to get it in her honor. I don't know how much its worth, but the symbol, the honor of getting it is much more importnat. Money doesn't matter to me even though it will help, I just feel so touched.
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