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Well this week is coming to a close, I'm using a bit more annoyingly inaccessible version ofsemagic. Though its updated, the menus don't speak to well due to the new "xp style". The authors seem to be responding to comments, sho hopefully, I can convince them to fix things for everyone else without active jaws scripting.

Before I start, I want to appologize for the long length of the entry but I think it'll be totally worth your while to read it. TO save you though, I cut it up so I don't make enemies with the long friends list blockage I might create.

Its kind of gross outside, with the definite threat of rain. We're supposed to have another two or three inches of rain, and our rivers due to last weeks rains really can't handle it. Tomorrow is tha nniversary of Mission Accomplished in Iraq. After so many updates of this entry, adding and removing, cutting and rearranging, I'll be saying Mission Accomplished when its all over and you'll be like Mission Accomplished when/if you get done reading it. As far as Iraq, how wrong were they when they said and showed those two words. Who would have thought so many would have died in such a short amount of time, all after Mission Accomplished.

Today was Dead Day at Fayetteville, a day where no one has classes or finals. Some people spend the day studying for their finals, some just hang out and/or party. Some tests are held on Saturday and if I were there, I'd be having Process Control tests tomorrow morning. I doubt I would take the test at the same time, but I do revel in the idea that I'll be sleepng or drinking coffee while my classmates take a test riddled with differential equations and Laplace transforms.

So I've pretty much been spending the end of my week emailing professors about next semester, and doing research on possible careers or jobs, or as I'll be breaking ground with my career of chemical engineering, trying to find ways in which I can make a company go "wo, he CAN actually do this." Most of my efforts have been researching an interesting little device called the Tiger Printer from ViewPlus Technologies.
This printer creates graphics from a windows driver in high resolution. In laymen's terms, it squishes a lot of dots together on the paper so I can feel a crisp, detailed clear image. The analogy might be comparing a dot matrix image (old braille graphics technology) to laser print (Tiger Printer Technology). RIght now, the university uses this thing called a Toaster. Basically, an image is copied onto special paper. Its run through a device with an amazingly bright, hot white light, and because of radiational heat (the same heat that comes from the sun), the image that is black ink puffs up because is absorbed by the light. The advantage of this is that wherever its black, it puffs up. This is good for simple drawings but is bad because lines tend to be thick and sometimes hard to read, annoying for the really confusing diagrams I have to deal with on a daily basis. Plus, they are tedious to produce and have to be pretty much freehanded on Adobe Illustrator and then printed and toasted. The Tiger allows me, with a printed image, to just Print it out like you might print a picture on a printer. Different colors are even converted, so I'll know if something's black or dark because higher dots are used. Gives a whole new meaning to "shades of grey". The lighter the gray, the shorter the dots. THey're expensive, but things that are designed for the blind tend to be damn expensive so maybe I can convince an employer to get it. The company is going to produce one of my graphics for me, so we'll see how it all goes. Oh for how I'd give to be able to just look at a screen, print out an image on a color laser printer. But, I hope maybe I've found a way to do it, and though expensive, it may open up more doors as I'll have access to pictures more quickly, definitely important when you're tasked with making a chemical plant millions of dollars, or designing a production process for a wonder drug.

I signed up for one of my classes on Thursday. Modern physics supposedly deals with quantum mechanics and spacey things (science fictiony things) so I hope its as interesting as I think it might be. I want to sign up for another class, and right now its loking like it might be Bioprocess Engineering, but I have to check with a professor about that one. I'll keep you guys updated rather you like it or not :).

And finally, the little story I forgot to tell you all about that happened last week. Last semester was a hell at Gregson (my dorm) with construction. I found that the best way to get around and through construction and make sure I didn't fall too far down into the site was to get to know the foremen on the job. Chris and I especially got to know Louis, who seemed to like me and kept me updated. He even called me before we got back from Christmas break to tell me that the place was ripped all to hell, and to see how I was as well. He's called me since then, since I fell down even, and last week he called me to tell me that his daughter had a child. His name is Hudson. I knew he was going to have a grandchild but it was cool to find out. The short story is that his daughter couldn't think of a middle name for him so she asked her dad (she wanted two middle names for him as it seems to be fashionable to do and have four names). I must have had an impact on the old bulldozer driver, as when he told me his name, Hudson Louis Noel, I was like what the ... For those of you who don't know, my real name is Noel. When he told me I didn't know what to say or how to thank him or even if I should thank him but I was like "well, that's kind of neat, I guess that puts both of in him doesn't it?". I had another one of those partial silences, much like I had when I accepted my scholarship last Friday. I feel honored that I'm now partially named after someone; maybe I'll get to meet him someday. Just goes to show you, you never know how you'll influence or inspire those you meet, even construction workers. More soon.

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