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I'm watching the reading of hundreds of people who have been killed in Iraq on Nightline. It makes me ver y sad and brings the reality of war to me kind of like when all those thousands of names were read or have been read on 11 September anniversaries. Despite the controversy of few, I think the readings are appropriate, and necessary. Very powerful. They're even putting positive ads on between lost of the names. Screw the seven networks who probably are playing pro Bush propaganda. Screw those who think this is all for ratings or political aim. Just think, if you spent a minute praying for or thinking about each person who has died since the start of combat operations, as of now, you'd be praying for 12 hours and 18 minutes straight. 1 minute for each 738 who has died to free a country. Makes me wonder if we could have done something, anything, to make tat less. So many young people of all races, creeds and religions, died for no reason but in my opinion bad planning and hasty decisions. THere is so much good that's come out of the war, but lately, so much bad. Ted Copple, very powerful indeed.

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