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reality and plans change, wow

xI've discovered the horrors of Apple and the Itunes store which oddly enough works pretty well with speech. I can basically biu amd download music and use winamp to play it. So ... I found three cds that I had planned to buy from and oddly, it saved me a bit due to huge shipping costs and inflated prices. Its actually really a neat idea, and if I can actually use it for things that I actually want (they're kinda lacking on Celtic selections though), then that's cool by me because I'm supporting the artists, something that I totally support, especially for awesome artists. The three cds I bought were by Bond, a classical music techno group. They take clasical tunes and technoize them, amazingly well I might add. I've never been a purist, Ashley MacIsaac's rock fiddle arrangements of old Celtic tunes always amaze me, so these techno songs are right down my alley. For the musically trained, they retain much of the trills and actual notes from songs from Vivaldi, Bach, etc., but they add techno base and electronic instruments to the orchestral sound. If you haven't heard them, try to find them and get them, no! /End ner drools over music, begin serious life changing stuff.

I like hving everything planned out. I would like it if I could have everything planned out in advance. Today proved that theory and wish all wrong.

This weekend I got an email from my design professor who has been teaching me Design and helping me figure out things as far as computer access to chemical engineering. I figured it would be no big deal, but he wanted me to call this morning at 10. Call him I did, and this is where life plans changed, just over a conversation. I had planned to leave next semester after graduating and find a job, what most people do. Apparently, the power that be whether it be higher powers or just crazy professors, have other plans for me. My professor has been talking to a company called Process Engineering about possible job oportunities for me. They are located in Knoxville Tennessee, or near it. They can't afford me directly but my professor and I will write a grant that will povide payment for a six ti eight month internship using computers to design chemical plants in Knoxville. After that, and this is the only way I can gets lots of money, I'll go to graduate school at Fayetteville and get a masters degree in chemical engineering and write a thesis about blind people and how best to learn science orchemical engineering (that's still in debate). It means taking 24 mor hours of graduate level classes, but only adds 1 year of academia more to my schooling. It'll end of being 1 and a half years, but if I don't do the masters I won't probably be able to get full payment for graduate school + tuition + living expenses + a really expensive printer. All this was kind of overwhelming today because I thought I had it all planned, but now I've excepted the fact that simply, its just too big of an oportunity and too big of an honor for me to pass up. Its clear to me now that I owe it to science to keep on studying. I'll also get some much needed work experience which coupled with my study abroad experience, will be great.

I just can't believe it. Can't believe that I deserve first the scholarship, and now all of this. I figured at some point someone would try to convince me to do graduate school as they've tried before, but this? Some things you NEVER can predict.

What do you guys think? Nothing's set in stone or official so all I have to di tomorrow is say either yes or no. I'm leaning far toward yes. Maybe God has other plans for me than quick and easy employment. I guess all I'll have to deal with is being near University of Tennessee for the duration of the football season. For those of you who don't know, the Arkansas Razorbacks (my team) absolutely hate the Tennessee Volunteers (the vols). There fans are loud and annoying, and their orange color is even moreso annoying. Its a small price to pay I suppose/ More soon.

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