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Ner's Random Musings on a life of interesting insights

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May 6th, 2004

(no subject) @ 04:20 pm

Let's see if I can write an entry without my computer locking up. I'm kind of glad in a way that my previous attempts at entries did not post because at the time, I was more stressed than I am now, and since my design project and presentation for senior design is completed, I am happy, and much less stressed.

We finished our presentation today, and as usual, we were asked many different odd questions. My group was a bit on the disorganized side but after meeting with them yesterday about our presentation (I was very agitatedbecause no one seemed to get organized enough to meet), I was put more at ease. It was somewhat evident that we probably should have been working mpor in tandem with things rather than splitting off and working at various rates of procrastination and influences of senioritis. Since I've been going to university for what seems to be forever and I now have plans to continue schooling, I think I'm getting immune to senioritis so when others suffer from it, it annoys me to no end. THank goodness its done.

I've finally signed up for most of my classes. I had some harrowing moments a couple of days ago when I signed up, or I should say tried to sign up, for all my classes. It seemed that all of them, every single one that I had planned to take, were offered at exactly the same time. Therefore, since I don't live at Hogwarts and don't possess a hourglass to turn backtime, plans had to change. SO I am forced to take physical chemistry and not modern physics. The others (advanced applied math, and bioprocess engineering) should work out, but I did not want to take p chem at all because I've heard very scary things about the class, and the professor. I'm sure you'll hear lots of horror stories about that class later. :( At least the rest of the classes are working out, as I've convinced the chemical engineering professor teaching bioprocess to move it to a different time depending on if there are as we suspect few peple taking the class.

Regarding the possible internship, I finally got to talk to the main managing partner of the company that I could be working for. I keep saying possible and could and that's mostly because me getting funding to do it. Anyway, he seems to be really nice and willing to work with me, and more importantly, he's an ardent Arkansas supporter and assures me that he'll help diffuse the Tennessee supporters if I work there. The most important thing that he said was that he plans to treat me the same as every other engineer that works for him and that though I'm blind he'll expect me to work as hard as any of the others there. I think that's cool because there are some both in the sighted and blind world that only put forth their smallest efforts. They are content on sitting on SSI forever, not even making a move to get a job. If its one thing I do in life, I hope to convince others to go against the grain, walk up stream, and succeed. I've got so much more to learn, such a long journey to travel. I can't wait for it.

Speaking of ending a journey, and very quickly before I close, I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to talk about progressive weight bearing. A couple of XRays will determine how long it'll be before I'm back in teh fray of things. I'm preparing myself for the time that it will be until I can put ful weight on the leg, but if I made it these eight weeks, I know I'm more than halfwa there, and that, I can deal with.

More soon.
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Date:May 6th, 2004 06:37 pm (UTC)



So, is it natural that every state in the union shakes it's fist at whatever state is north of it? What's the justification over there? I know Michigan sucks rocks because half of their roads are just dirt. I think some of those roads are just called 'roads' because it's shorter than saying 'that one jackhole fuck Ford Explorer driver who careened off the road one night in a drunken stupor went this way a lot.'

Plus, the roads that aren't dirt are some kind of antique Roman Empire remnant concrete, that makes that annoying-ass "hum ka-klink ka-klink hum" series of noises. Then you reach Ohio. Beloved Ohio. The roads are oh-so quiet. Quality Ohio asphalt.

Michigan: Great Lakes, Great Jackasses behind the wheel.

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Date:May 6th, 2004 08:15 pm (UTC)

Re: er..

Well, I don't know, I think for here, its Oklahoma that we laugh at. I do agree though, Michigan roads do kinda suck and I could definitely tell as I entered Ohio. But Oklahoma, we all hate. I don't know if the hypothesis could hold about the north states, as I don't think we have too many problems with Missouri. However, as you go further south, you tend to make fun of states south and west of you. For instance with Arizona, we always gave hell to California, damn Californians. Here, its the hicks in Oklahoma and Louisiana we make fun of. Tennessee we just hate because of their stupid football team (college not the Titans NFL) and because their fans are really freaking annoying.

Ner's Random Musings on a life of interesting insights

a world of interesting factoids about nothing and everything