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We're frantically getting ready to leave this morning. I should be able to manage but worry about my leg because keeping it in on e position for a long time is really difficult because its still in the healing process (I did go to the doctor on Friday and will be able to walk fully at the beginning of June). Services will be on Thursday so we wanted to fly to Arizona, but for some odd reason the only way we could do it and get back by Saturday (my sister and Philip have a tea to go to) would have cost about $2000. So I guess its 20 hours of straight driving we'll have to do. I wish I could help drive but I'm sure everyone doesn't. We should be ok as far as being entertained as we've got three bipods (my sister's, my mom's, and Philip's) an XM Radio, and my laptop's DVD player. Should keep us entertained or at least distracted enough to not realize the pain of travel. Most likely I'll travel back with my dad since I don't need to rush back for any tea. That way I can copilot for my dad and cut down the time that his turn signal stays on from 5 minutes to maybe 1 or 2 minutes. That, and we'll be able to drink coffee, talk about women and life, and generally have fun.

So the plan is to leave around noon, drive for the 18 to 20 hours that it will take and arrive in Strawberry by 8. I'm doing better as far as the long trip, but last night I was s quite upset that we weren't able to fly. I'm not sure Grandpa would have wanted me to worry as much as I did so this morning I stopped worrying. I made it last time, and I suppose I'll have no problems making it this time. More from the road.

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