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I"m sitting at the kitchen table listening to various conversations and smelling some salmon chowder in progress that Sean, my sister, and Philip are making. We've spent the day going to the memorial service for my grandpa. Most of the day though, we spent conversing with the family that came. Funerals and weddings are all family reuniters. Sure, weddings can be more happy, but funerals can also be happy as we spent a lot of the day talking about the good times we had with my Grandpa.

We made it to the church before 11, the start of the service. Grandpa wanted to be cremated, so there was no fanfare or viewing or anything. It still was sad, but beng able to remember the deceased as they were and not done up and laying in a casket. They didn't even have an organ but one of the most powerful things in the service was when someone played hymns on a harp. Sounded almost heavenly, like HOllywood envisions what heaven might be like. That was in my opinion one of the most powerful parts of the service. Philip sung two hymns, and as usual, had a pretty voice. The sermon was even uplifting. ONe of the stories the minister told was about how while he was at his grandson's baseball game, someone came up and asked if he was going to do my Grandpa's service. He said yes, and then he said "I didn't know him long but for a couple of weeks, but he came into my store. He said that his days were numbered on this earth and he wanted his wife to have a car that she could use when he was gone." That's just how he was, so very generous with everything. He even mentioned his various inventions (his amazing can smasher which I mentioned last year in this journal). He not only earned a college degree but got "A PHD IN Organization" nothing is unlabeled or is out of place in his garage and every screw and nut is compartmentalized an catalogued. We're all going to miss him, and the service was a perfect way for us to remember him. Not to be morbid but when I die (in a long long time), I guarantee you, I want a service like that one.

My sister, Philip, and my mom plan to leave tomorrow so that they can make the twenty hour trip back and make it in time to be in Jonesborro at 4 on Saturday for the 250 person wedding shower and tea. Miss Marsha &tradel definitely continues to do the best, and this one will probably exceed all expectations. I'm not invited, so I'm going to hang out here and be with my Grandma and support her until my dad leaves. I'm sure she'll appreciate that and I'll appreciate it too sicne I'll get to relax.

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