Ner (djner) wrote,

quiet reflections

Today was very quiet up here, almost too quiet. Me and my dad stayed here and my sister, Philip, and my Mom left at 5 this morning. Me and Philip thought it would be best to leave earlier but they called an hour or so ago and they were in Amarillo, TX, so they're definitely making good time. They probably should be tehre by about 2:00 AM. They'll probably sleep till noon and then get back into the car again for the two hour trip up to Jonesborro for another in the series of showers planned for the wedding. 250 people were invited, who knows how many will actually attend.

My great Aunt Eva also left today, so my Aunt Loraine, me, my Dad, and my Grandma are all that is left. Loraine is planning on leaving tomorrow morning, so we'll drive to Payson tomorrow, have breakfast, and then drop Loraine off to take the shuttle down to Phoenix for her flight out. When she leaves, it'll be just the three of us, left to talk and reflect.

I finally finished reading and editing my Book The Time Traveler's Wife, by Audrey Nyffeneger (spelling) and without giving away much, the ending only made me more sad. I really liked the combination of science fiction, but with the love story between Henry (a person who has a disease which causes him to spontaneously time travel without his control) and Clare, a Normal girl whose known Henry since she was six and known she was going to marry him even before Henry met her (confusing I know), it was a novel with emotion that I was totally not expecting. Something that those who like scifi and a stirring story that jaunts effortlessly and sometimes confusingly through time, life, and ultimately, death.

It just made me think about fate, and how things really are planned out for you even to the last minutes. I think Grandpa, though he died, had one hell of a long and happy life.

Flowers that were in the funeral continue to open up and the place smells like a meadow in spring. 115 people came to the funeral. Most everyone around here really loevd Grandpa. I definitely did too, we drank too many beers and told too many stories in the garage for me not too.

More soon.

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