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bug bites everywhere

I know summer's coming sooner or later when I start to get bug bites. At least in Arkansas, I can hear the bugs and have some way of knowing (the soft wine of a mosquito) I'll get bitten. Herenin the mountains, no-see-ums as they're called, cme starting in the spring and don't leave until early winter. THey're silent, small hence the name, and almost impossible. YOu don't know you've been bitten by them until its too late or until the itching has set in. Since I've been sitting outside a lot lately on account of the cool and dry weather, I've ahd to take inventory of my various bites and try to will myself not to scratch them. I have a bite on my ear, two bites on my hand, and I believe two bites on my ankle (discovered last night when I went to ged). If I can keep from scratching them, I'll be well on the way to healing. I don't mind donatng my blood to insect well-beng (well maybe I do), but why must nature provide them with the power to itch.

As I said, I've been spending much of my time outside. Nothing exciting has been happening on the news and I forgot the charger/power supply for my XM so I've been outside reading or watching movies. I've gone completely through my ovie supply, so reading it is. It seems almost a crime to sit inside, being how dry and cool the mountain air is. Sadly though, this continues to contribute to the drought they're having up here and across the desert southwest. THe problem is that its not the desert up here in the mountains, s the animal and plantlife is not adapted to these dry conditions Dad and Grandma are over next door clearing out dry wood for Neil, the neighbor. This will hopefully clear enough away so that the tinder box effect won't occur later this summer.

I found out from my mom last night that my grades have finally come in from Australia. I studied there for three semesters, and though I didn't complete as many classes as I might have wanted it was a great experience. Most Americans studying abroad there take things like diving, durfing, ror music, but I took chemical engineering classes which I hoped would count for my degree. There are two classes you absolutely need to graduate with a chemical engineering degree. In short, they deal with difusion and mass transfer and they're esential to design and operation of chemistry on a mass scale. The credits transferred, but not as credits for the two subjects that I needed them to transfer to. Basically I haven't gotten credit for the classes I actually took. Hopefully we'll be able to change them correctly into the classes that I need, but if they don't it may mean another set back. Hopefully the former will be the case. I'll get this stupid degree whether or not it takes me a century I swear.

I also meant to update on the condition of my leg but coming here to Arizona precluded that. Last Friday (I guess it would have been the Friday before last) I went to the doctor. The visit went well; he cleared me to possibly head back to Fayetteville after my next appointment on June 11 when I'll get to put full weight on my leg safely. Right now, I can put weight on it incrementally, but I'm not to full weight bearing. My doctor and I on't want to push it because according to him, working on me "stresses me out". The appointment took us longer than it should have. Here's the story. MOst apppointments, I have to have an X-Ray to check the progress of bone growth and healing. I know the techniques that the XRay technician has to do, and most of the techs actually listen to me since I'm so experienced with this. This appointment wasn't any different and I got up on the table and had my XRays done and we took them back. What I didn't remember was that I broke my left leg rather than the right. I have had so many problems, complications, and breaks on my right leg that I didn't hesitate to have the right leg XRayed rather than the left. So when the nurse came in and asked me which leg they XRayed, I knew instantly that I'd screwed up. At least they got a picture of the right leg. Woops. Reminds me of people who have the wrong leg operated on or amputated. Luckily the mistake was my fault and happened with a simple XRay.

More soon, Must get inside so I can post this and stop from getting bitten all to hell. Either that or keep from getting juniper dust in my computer. My dad says we'll be leaving probably about Friday or thereabouts. I'm glad we'll be here to support Grandma for that long. Thanks for the comments and support guys.

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