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Not much at all exciting going on here. My dad's been doing soe concrete work on the front porch to repair some screw holes that were caused by the wheelchair ramp that my Grandpa had put in. The problem was that my dad thought it would be a good idea to take the screws out that held the ramp to the concrete. It took him longer than he'd liked and several iterations of an engineering plan to extract the screws, and so now he's in the process of filling in not only the screw holes that the actual screws were in but some access holes he had to use to push the three inch bolts out, with concrete.

I guess we'll be leaving now probably either Thursday about noon. My Grandma doesn't want us to leave, but she knows she'll have to adjust sooner or later to having no one here, so she wants us to get back to work for my dad and classes for me. When I get back, I'm going to start working on Statics every day to be I'm sure continued when I actually physically get bac up there. I just can't wait to finish my degree program.

Its still very dry here. Cool, but dry. My nose still constantly itches though because of the yellow juniper pollen but that's probably aggravated by the lack of ran they've had here. They still have water to fill the millins of swimming pools in Phoenix so I guess the water situation isn't too bad there. Some day that metropolis is going to grow so large as to run out of water. Either that, or they could close some of the water pars and curb swimming pool construction. Either way the mountainous north which is where I am will suffer, because all of the snowmelt and water that comes in the form of rain goes down to the valley and doesn't stay here.

Well, more tomorrow. I suppose I'll have to try to clear out my email yet again though its not as critical today because I finished clearling it completely yesterday. I'll let my computer do the sifting and filtering for me rather than me worrying about it. More tomorrow.

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