Ner (djner) wrote,

I haven't gotten a chance to write again now that I have been home. Travelling the 1200 miles really takes it out of you and I'm still not back to complete normal. I usually like watchin g Letterman at night and I've been so tired as to not be able to even watch that. I do get a chance to get up before 8 every day so that's a good thing.

The trip was long, very long. We made it in two days, stopping in Amarillo, TX on Friday nigh and making the final leg with only one power nap (on the side of the road not in a ditch) somewhere near Arkansas. I wwas very glad to be home though I really enjoyed being there for my Grandma. Whe has got a lot of adjusting to do, and as far as I can tell, she seems to be doing as well as is expected.

There's not much else to update with except for its definitely much more humid here than it was in Arizona. My allergies have very much improved though, so I'm happy about that. Now, I get to continue going on in the hopes that I can finish all of my courses so I get degree number one in December and continue on after that. I promise a less boring and more info packed entry tomorrow but until then ..

PS Bush really needs to figure out how to pronounce Abu Ghreb. Even my computer who has no intelligence whatsoever can do it reasonably but Bush who I'll give him credit, has some intelligence, can't do it. For all he knows, I bet he really wanted to call it "abu yo mama" or something like that. Go figure.

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