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A post today comes only because I've been hard pressed to find something to write about as of late. I don't think you want to know for instance that for the past few days (almost identically) I've been just sitting here at home listening to Air America Radio and NPR and editing books for bookshare. Today was a bit different though so I thought I would write.

Summer's started in earnest and the steam bath is so oppressive. It rained a bit last night and that has done absolutely zilch to lower the discomfort. Its just the beginning of the summer too which means lots and lots of more days like today.

My sister's friend Kim has been ehre for a few days. Today the three of us went and say Shrek 2, which I thought was better than the first. There were, as were in the first one, so many references to Fairy Tales, but the humor was more funny. John Cleese was even a voice of one of the characters which made it even more hilarious because he played the princess's dad. I just kept picturing Monty Pithon whenever he talked which is totally different thenthe castes and fairylands depicted. My verdict, see it. My sister helped describe it. Without that I would have been lost definitely.

I got a huge stack of books from the library which I'm really looking forward to scanning and reading. I don't know what it is about young adult books but I got a couple of new ones from Eoin Colfer, writer of the Artemis Fowl series, and being that they are hilarious fully outweighs the lower reading level they contain.

My leg is doing much better. Technically I shouldn't be walking completely unaided until June 4 which would be six weeks since my last appiintment and a week after my next one. I got sick of trying to manage my walker around the house and in tight corners, so I decided to see how my leg felt in walking around. When I go places, I try to take my walking cane just in case, but I have no problems walking without my walker. I feel liberated.

Speaking of liberation, Sean Hannity the number two talk show host (conservative crazy), had a poll on his site of which person they'd vote for for president. Stupidly, Hannity had all choices (Carey, Bush, and Nader). The Air America thought it would be hilarious to change the vote count from 99% for Bush. So they ahd everyone vote for Carey. By the end of it, when Hannity finally cleared the poll, it was up to close to 80% for Carey. Man its fun to piss off conservatives, especially Sean Hannity. What a dork.

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