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I'm now using the new version of semagic which actually got fixed by the guy so it works properly with Jaws. Not exciting for most of you, but it is nice to be able to read the menus and also tab through things correctly. Blindies, get it, and I'll explain how it works and how to get it to work properly. /end public service announcement.

I don't know if this cat has an aversion to me or my attension, but whenever she's in, she meows at me constantly and tries to jump on my chair. I'm not sure what the solution is, but I know that cat hair in my mouth definitely IS NOT a solution. So I've scooted m chair in hopes that she won't be able to jump uphere ... Never mind, didn't work. Have cat now in lap, trying to type, scratching ... leg ... ouch stupid kitty. I'm... fighting ... losing .. battle. Oh no now she's washing her self on my lap, biting my watch. Damn Gabby, I'm not a bathtub here.

So today's Memorial Day and another day off for those who work/go to school over Memorial Day. We're going over to my mom's friend's house for burgers and random tasty things. We went there last year and I remember enjoying it a lot, even though they live so far out in the country that it makes where we live look like city. Fiona will probably go since she's stayed out there a couple of times when we went to Arizona. Nina, mom's friend, wanted to know if I was coming because I guess I made a good impression with some of the people last year. Very cool.

It is a day in Memory also, of those who have died in wars. I thought Andy Rooney's piece on Sixty Minutes was particularly powerful when he abandoned all comedy and got political about the war and how he hates it and hates how so many people have died (over 800 as I write). After talking, he played Adagio For Strings by Samuel Barber, a particularly moving piece, and showed pictures of each person who died. It lost its seriousness though as Ed Buckner, our local weatherman broke in totell of a tornado on the ground. If only war were as simple as issuing a tornado warning, or watching a simple weather report. Unfortunately, I've got to sift through several newspapers and news wires just so I can interpret what I watch on the evening news. Otherwise I, like some of the viewers of Sixty Minutes and Andy Rooney's piece, am being unamerican and ellitiest regardless of how patriotic I feel. If I, or Andy, or any American who opposes what this administration does, I'm undermining what we're doing in Iraq? Is it a crime to have an opinion or to actually think or write about an issue? Take cover! Get in a central room away from windows! I'm gonna write about it any way, so tehre.

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