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oday's a thundery day. Yes that's right, one of those days that mother nature expends its energy thundering and generally reeking havoc in all other places but here but making lots of protesting noises all while its doing this, just to taunt us out here in ruralville.

Just been doig my usual lately, scanning books, listening to boring for some exciting for me talk radio, and reading lots of news. I now have a news agregator, a program that collects lots of articles from lots of different sources, and so I've been enjoying the ease of being able to read from different sources about issues affecting the world. As of late, my favorite magazine is an online independent one called which you pay $35 per year for and get very detailed access to wire stories and lots of independent and cool journalism articles about topics from piloting to today's "I didn't want to know that" article about cunnalingus (look it up if you want to know, I sure didn't want or need to know what it means). I didn't get it to read about such erm interesting topics, but more for the interesting political angles and viewpoints it takes, very nice morning reading. Its amazng what I now can get using the internet. Ten years ago I never would have dreamed I'd be able to read three newspapers all without handling a single real newspaper.

I also, because I've read lots of different things about it and heard other cool things, spent about tw hours filling out a personality profile on E Harmony. They say they're here to help you "find your true love", so I thought what the heck, why not I don't have anything better to do. Basically you answer lots and lots of questions about your personality and it spend lots of time doing mathematics to compare you to its database. Its so mathematically intensive that it said it would do its best to find a match within 24 hours but it woudlnt' guarantee anything. The thing that really impressed me was that it was so adaptive, meaning it varied its questions to match my interests. I'm not sure what anyone else would get but since I put that looks don't absolutely matter, it asked me no questions about what particular type of body I was looking for. I expected just to fill out the profile and find nothing as they said that they do matching where though you get less matches, they tend to bring much more compatible matches. This afternoon, I did end up getting a match, one only, but one nonetheless. And here's where my dilemma is.

I'm not sure what to think about digital because I think that you find people most easily just by running into them. I'm not sure if this person is worth enough to drop x dollars a month just to communicate with her. I'm not at all sure why you pay just to be interoduced; I probably could, and do introduce myself to people quite easily, but ... They seemed to do a ood job of fitting my personality profile to me, could they match someone to me? Lots of questions and questions marks in my mind, lots of confusion :). What do you guys think? What do you think of digital dating / online matching? Do I really want to meet a pharmaceutical expert whose 4 11? Is it worth enough to me, and do I want to contribute to the burgeoning desperate sngle populations contribution to the multibillion dollar dating/matchmaking service?

I finally got a sample of the plant I helped to design last semester, printed by the Tiger Graphics Printer. All I can say about that one, no question marks here, is wow! More soon.

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