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Go forth and multiply

By popular demand, and because I actually have some semblance of something to write about, I'm updating. I haven't had much of anything that I wanted to expend energy and creativity to write about so hence the delay of forever to write. Sadly, I've lost the motivation to write lately, something I hope will stop in short order.

Its pouring down rain. We had planned to go to Fayetteville today, but since its absolutely bucketing down, we think it would be best to hang here and not have to move in in the rain. True, there'll be nobody there to annoy us as far as parking i.e. there should theoretically be parking spaces left, and I don't have a huge amount of stuff, but moving in in the rain is definitely not fun. So Thursday it is since tomorrow my Mom and Miss Marsha ™ have to do wedding planning stuff tomorrow.

Not much huge has been going on in my life. Sure little things have been going on (a trip to Little Rock for the Blind Support Group meeting and shopping for clothes) but not much of that's worth writing about. The blind support group was interesting though. They're supported by the huge Lutheran Church in Little Rock, and my thoughts of just ten or so blind people going were absolutely shattered. Probably every blind person from the area was there, about sixty people. I never thought that many blindies existed in central Arlamsas. I guess that comes from living out here in the middle of nowhere. They usually have some kind of topic to discuss and that was a bit boring (Arkansas State Parks and what they can do for us), but getting to meet people never mind the fact that many were older than I was great, and it got me out of the house.

My mom and I went and saw The Terminal yesterday. Tom Hanks did a great job, as usual, and the story was all warm and fuzzy. Though the plot, as it tends to be with popular movies, was a bit thin, it definitely had deep overtures of the evils of government bureaucracy. I could not imagine staying in an airport terminal for three days, much less one year like the character in tthe movie. When the Shah of Iran fell, there was a guy who actually got stuck there for three years. Can yo imagine it A definite Must SEE even though you might think its too syrupy.?

And now to explain the subject line. We've greatly increased the amount of animals here at the house. Youd' think we'd be breeding them. Maybe we should open up a kennel. Since my Mom's friend Nina watched Fiona we had to repay her somehow, so since she's leaving for a week, she brought her two dogs and two horses over. If that's not enough, we had another dog dropped off, dumped, near our house. I got to meet her yesterday and am trying hard not to get attached to her. She seems to be maybe four months or so old, and amazingly, she's very much less active than Zim. If I could, and was going to be here, I'd keep her in a second. Another plus, she doesn't bite me. So added all up we have 5 dogs, 2 horses, and one cat. Its definitely crazy here with the rain, because all of them minus the horses of course, are inside. So I'll close, love from ner's Zoo, I'll write soon if I can stop from getting eaten by animals.

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