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As an update. I just got home and got mail. Usually I'm excited about this, but what I got just made me sad. It was a card, actually three cards, from all my friends in chemical Engineering. There were like about 50 signatures on them all wishing me well. Those guys have been so good to me, and I wish I could give back what I have received from them. I guess I could give back by not hurting myself but this seems to be next to impossible so I guess I'll have to come up with new ways. It only reaffirmed the overwhelming need I have to go back and get into things again. If I were able to go to classes, it'd make it so much easier for me to work, for me to get motivated. I just don't do well with this independent study crap, it's way hard.

Anyway, not much else, just wanted to bitch about things. I need to do something happy, need to smile somehow. I'm sure, as I have many many times in my long life, that finding something to smile about will be much easier than finding something to be sad about. More later.
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