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a victory of minor proportions

Got a call from the vets office today. THey asked me for a name when I made the appointment since I've been a staunch proponent of the lost puppy. I didn't have a name for them, so was excited and almost felt vindicated when they called and told me that we had an appointment on Monday at 8:45. I'm having her shots done because even if we do give her up, the people who adopt her shouldn't have to pay for that kind of stuff. I see it as giving back. Until and if we give her up, I still get to pet and lvoe her. :)

Mom: You know we're going to probably keep her right?
I still don't know what my dad has to say about things.

All I've done as of yet is watch Bowling for Columbine. Yes, I do live in a cave and don't get out much so as a precursor to seeing Fahrenheit 911 next week, I wanted to see this one, Very good movie. Not much else to bore you guys with. Hope its as nice where you are as it is here: cool, cloudy, and except for the whirring of the weedeater outside, quiet and peaceful.

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