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We just got back from Fahrenheit 9/11. THe facts and assertions that were presented really weren't anything new to me, but it was still very powerful to see all of it presented in the way that Moore presents it. We went to a 1:45 showing, and it was amazing to me that there were about 50 people in the independent film theater my mom and I went to. I haven't been to a movie in a long time that everyone clapped for at the end, very cool. I think that even those who do not agree with Moore should at least take a gander at understanding his point of view. No matter how painful it is, I try to make it through a bit of O'Reilly or Rush once in a while just to see what other points of view are, and though I agree with much of what Moore said in his movie, I think its important for those who agree with Bush to just see what the other side has to say.

In other news, I just applied to both Graduate and Undergraduate schools. Funny you say? Funny and annoying is right. They have this new online appplication thing that is supposed to be easier and more usable. Because I wanted to be dually enrolled i.e. I wanted to be able to take classes that will cunt to my graduate education, I put that my career was undergraduate first. I couldn't figure out why it kept asking me about my high school, what my grade point average was etc. When I got all through with it, and submitted it, I realized that I'd indeed applied to be an undergraduate chemical engineer. I don't think so ... Probably already done that one, for like six years. So I guess I get to call the undergrad department and tell them how stupid I was, and how misleading their new application is. Figured I shouldn't need a personal statement to apply for graduate school but then I was like hey, what the hell I'll just leave it blank. I knew something was wrong with it proclaimed my undergraduate application was complete. Woops. It'll all be sorted tomorrow I guess, and I can now say I tested out both forms of applications. I wouldn't recommend that route f testing though if anyone really wants to know. Suppose if they don't allow me to be dually enrolled, I'll have lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of extra free time on my hands. That and since they've told me that they may not allow dual enrollment anymore, my application(s) might be null and void. Oh freaking well Time will have to tell..

Finally, I broke down and became a member of eharmony. I don't know if this will be the worst waste of money I've ever endured, but the process seems prety cool and pretty scientific, and I suppose that it could work so ... Who knows. I have seven days to cancel, and my new match has time enough to decide whether or not she's going to hang here and not close the match, or whether or not she'll become a member and answer questions. At least the process will be interesting, and I might meet a new friend.

More soon. I think after all of that beureaucratic nonsense that probably won't matter in the long run, I need a drink. I have some white wine that I could stand winding down with. Looking forward to seeing sunnyblue and drinking mochas tomorrow. Its always great to see an awesome friend like her, especially when guzzling straight caffeine.

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