Ner (djner) wrote,

We realized that the name Latte sounded kind of lame, so just this morning Latte became Lilly and that's the story. I think its kind of cute, and so is she. She couldn't have found a neater home :).

We We employed my dad's new invention called as he'd called it, the neuclotron. Basically it is a wheelbarrow with some random scrap stainless steel from whatever he's been ripping up at the moment. Throwing some black cats in it and blowing them really makes a loud noise. I could only handle so much, so I went inside after several hundred explosions from the Neuclotron. It was amazing though with not only ours but the rest of the world's fireworks going off at once. Sounded very cool. No gunshots though, my dad's neuclotron beats trash cans or gunshots any day.

Well, not much else is going on over here so I suppose I'll abandon the discussion of the neuclotron and leave you. Yawn.

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