Ner (djner) wrote,

I seem to be doing betterthis afternoon. Still don't have a network connection due to annoying circumstances which I'll outline below, but I've now found more people to hang with so it helps a bit on the loneliness factor. There are still no people living here in Gregson, but that doesn't surprise me.

I enjoyed a quiet "breakfast" (chocolate croissant and coffee). I got to meet some new people and had a spirited discussion with some conservative friends. I enjoyed that because its always nice to debate and discuss both sides of the issues.

I came back after spending 2 hours at the coffee shop, and called to check out the status of my internet. They said that I was "not assigned". I figured after telling them that I'd lived here for ages, that it would fix itself eventually. Then I found out about my contract. Apparently I don't have a contract for next year. I figured that I would fix this when I got up here. They apparently did not know this and said that they weren't offering any new contracts. The person I'm dealing with knows my situation and is advocating for me, but its still annoying taht leaving for a while is causing this stupidness. I know rules are rules, but its not a general rule to break things every other semester which seems to bee my rule. So I think some rules have to at least be bent. They say they're working on this and I hope that things are fixed soon since I wanted to do my show tonight. I really don't relish carrying all of my equiipment downstairs but if I have to, I will.

I guess I'll end the babbling. I may hang out with my friend sunnyblue later but I'm waiting for a while so she'll have time to wake up to give her a call. One good thing happened, I found out where all the food holes are around this place this week. That's always good :). Fiona's doing well, and working nicely as always. She hasn't forgotten how to do anything. I hope as I continue working toward finishing up stuff that I haven't forgotten much myself. More soon.

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