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The Butterfly Effect, a review

I thought I would break the entry up and post about The Butterfly Effect, which I saw last night. I completely forgot about seeing it until nowm and rather than inserting my thoughts yet again into the most disorganized entry known to man, I would post it aloe.

The Butterfly Effect is a movie about a guy who, during times of stress, has blackouts. He can't remember what happens during these blackouts but its usually something really bad. When he's in college, he figures out how, by looking at a journal he's written, how he can go back to the blackouts, and change what happened in them. The premise is, what if you could change just one thing: a conversation, an event, anything. And what would happen? Well, not to give anything away, but it life's "happily ever after" stories that he tries to maufacture by changing events don't really happen. You'll have to watch the movie, though some might not like science fictiony things, its "real life" enought to make you stop and think for a while. I'm not sure I'd change the fact that I broke a leg here or there, who knows what I'd screw up in the process. What about you guys? What would you do if you could go back and change just one thing to make things better here or there.

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