Ner (djner) wrote,

good news

Two cups of tea later and my brain jell-oed, I'm done with that meeting. We discussed lots of things and everyone seemed to enjoy being wishy washy about other things.

We started out by discussing this new system called PRS which basically runs server side. wait a minute, maybe I should do this because I know not everyone's a geek and wants to read this.

The application is run on the server side. It manages dynamic compression on the server, and the cool thing is that it manages all encoding. Basically when the top of the hour comes al,ong, or before it, you broadcast to prs. Prs manages everything and fades out at exactly top of the hour the stream that is connected, and the stream that is coming up comes next. A seemless transition so people don't have to reconnect to streams. it's a good idea and it's really cool because it should make things sound really slick. There's still lots of bugs to work out and things to figure out, but it's a neat idea.

One thing that hasn't changed about internet radio in general is that people continue to make things more difficult than they really need to be. It's quite annoying really.

The difficult part of the whole meeting was the schedule and one that I was waiting to hear. It was made difficult by my cable modem needing resettingright in the middle of the meeting. After much arguing we decided on my slot which is the best I've ever had, amazing things never cease to happen.

My friend Steve ceases to amaze me at how cool he is. He has given up his slot for me, and now I have a prime time Friday night slot. It's good for pretty much anyone but people in Europe, but I'm assured of many oportunities to cover for people with the Celtic only format. I plan to concentrate on world and new age music, and it's going to rock! I'm so happy!!

Anyway, that's the big news. I'm very glad I'm not program director anymore. That must have been hell for Steve, wow!

More later.

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