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excursions with volleyball madness, and also into the unknown

The volleyball camp continues.  Unfortunately, I'm not a member of it, but a passive observer.

There's times, or were times last night, where it sounded like the overenergetic high schoolers were actually playing volleyball in their rooms.  There were also times where I could absolutely ring a neck here or there.

The madness first started yesterday when someone opened up my door, and was like, "Oh, they said this was our room."  My first thought was "man, this could get crowded."  Fiona's first thought was, "new people, must get petted, pet my tummy, pet my tummy."  They got it sorted out, but it was still kind of amusing.

The next amusing volleyball girl story (besides the story where a throng of thirty girls descended on me and Fiona, asking me if they could pet her) was what I call, code evening knock.  I went to bed at a bit later than usual, ten P.M. or so which, when you factor in the fact that I'd gotten up at like six, it was pretty amazing that I stayed up that late.  It was hard to sleep because of the roudy girls, but I was even further jolted from my fake slumber by a knock at my door (reminds me of The Raven or something by Edgar Allen Poe :)).  THey were like
"Open up the door"
"who is it?" I asked?
"Your Grandma, open up the door, now."
My Grandma, what the ...  Either these girls are drunk, or they're just having fun, or I heard them wrong and they were just trying to make sure that my lights were out.  Apparently 11 pm was the lights out time.  They knocked three times, and then finally left me alone, and went to the next room.  If I had more than boxers and a shirt on, I'd open up the door and see what they wanted but I didn't feel that exhibitionist.

The other adventure my friend Larry and I had was also quite amusing.  After scamming a free meal at the dining hall, we decided that since freshman orientation was going to go to our newest hall, the Northwest Quads, to eat for their first meal, that we'd try to go over there and see what we could do.  We picked up the trusty golf cart, and motored the short distance to the new hall.  The dining hall was packed with lots of parents and expectant and scared freshman, but we weren't really interested in the food though I bet Larry could have put another meal away :).  We were interested in trying to get into the hall to see what it was like.

The guards who were construction workers wouldn't let us in at all.  "We can't let you in, its against code."  Undaunted, we sat down, had a cookie and a brownie, and waited for the dining hall to clear out.  We had a plan, and that plan simply consisted of trying doors.  The Northwest Quads are an integrated community with dining hall, and pretty much anything you'd want.  Its arranged in a u-shape with the dining hall dominating the center, and rooms in different slightly connected buildings around it.  I don't know exactly the layout, so I'm talking in generalities here.  We were lucky at the first door we tried, a main door that was right across from the dining hall.  In we went, and knowing that we were "breaking code" and trespassing, we made a quick dash tor the nearest room.

The rooms, or suites I should say are pretty amazing.  They come in a 1 room, a 2 room, and a four room style, and have a living area with couch, and, in the case of the four room model, two bathrooms.  We got to see the handicap room which has a separate shower and accessible bathtub, and a room door that opens with a press of a button.  When we encountered a construction worker, we claimed with a smile, that we were looking at the accessibility of the dorms.  We didn't get arrested or kicked out, but we did get a slight rush when the door opened and the construction worker saw us.  We were glad not to be carted away in cuffs and shackles.

The moral of this story is that I think that this dorm, though across a busy street with no audible signal, a street where some people have been killed before, would be more safe for me then the one I'm living in now.  Here, there's steps to get in the dorm, steps to get out, steps to get up and down to the dining hall, steps to go downstairs to the lab or the laundry.  There, no steps at all.  Sure I've lived here for six years, butwith the dorm turning to a freshman dorm eventually, and my experiences with younger peopel from the volleyball camp, I don't know if I want to be here when all three floors become freshmen.

I don't have a problem with steps at all, but I'm all about limiting risk, and since I fell down steps last semester and broke a leg, I'll take the fact that I'll ahve to take a bus to cross Maple to spending months in a hospital anyday.  We've notified housing, and I'd love living at either place, but at least I got to explore something new, and breaking rules is always fun.

Not much else's going on, I'm sitting here with the TV on, and can't hear the girls upstairs, so maybe they're out doing something.  I'm sure the noise will increase soon, so I'll cut this entry up a bit and enjoy the silence for a while.  If I remember anything else going on, I'll write, until then ...

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