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big yayness, no volleys for me thankfully, match point, set!!!

Man its quiet over here.  I didn't realize it but the volleyball girls all checked out en masse this evening as I was heading to dinner.  Huge huge yayness.  So now I've got the palce to myself again, pretty much.  And its so quiet and peaceful.

I had one hell of a time scouring my entries for the pieces I wanted to use.  It was amazing to read back though and remember little things that I'd written before.  I'll have to spend a few days and just read the whole thing.  The thing I searched for was the Dr. Ner Brain Surgery Piece which I absolutely couldn't find, mostly because (a) the entry jad no subject and (b) searching your journal using lj's search feature only goes back to a year.  SO I was annoyed and angered to find out taht after searching through 12 months of 2003 entry by entry, I found I missed it by one day, one day I hadn't looked at out of the whole uear, the second of January.  Woops.  Application is all sent in now though, and I hope they like what I sent them.  I could ahve sent in some of my entries, I think they'd be worthy enough for inclusion, but I just sent in two of the ones I was most proud of.  I didn't want to risk sending in Assahol, maybe that could be later :).  Well, more revelling in silence needs to be done, so I'll go.  Wanted to tell people that they were gone.  Yay again.

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