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happy St. Patrick's Day

As the subject states, it is St. Patrick's Day and it proved to be a good one as St. Patrick's Days go.

I got up at about 4 a.m., mostly because my dad got up at that time and I was staying in the box which is close to the kitchen, and his noise. That wasn't a problem because I had to get up by 6 to do my ACBRI show special on St. Patrick's Day. The show went quite well except for the few times when the wireless connection would drop for about a quarter of a second. I had between 9 and 13 listeners which is magnanimous in internet broadcasting terms. Jonathan Mosen gets a hell of a lot more listeners, Jonathan is our station manager (a pain in the ass I might add), but that's because he's just famous in the blind world and a good broadcaster. He usually runs in the average of about 30 listeners or so. I finished the show and then selebrated with my fourth cup of coffee with a bit too much, like three shots, of Bailey's Irish Cream. Now that made me feel even better oh yeah.

We went to Olive Garden for lunch which was good. I got lunch today and it was even cooler because it was a light lunch and I am cheap, therefore I didn't have to pay much. Haha, not true, I would have not cared as to how much the meal costed, the only care I had was that we had good food and that was the case.

We then went downtown (Marsha came with us to lunch and to the rest of the places we went), and toured the Old State House, our old capitol building. It was kind of cool because we not only got to see the history of the old buulding but also got to see some old antique things that I even got to touch. It's always good when I get to explore with my hands, gives me a great perspective on things.

Then the cool thing happened, and that was afternoon tea at the Capital Hotel. We thought about going to the Peabody hotel for aqfternoon tea but thought against it because well, we did. We all sat down in nice soft chairs around this small coffee table like thing. We all got full afternoon teas which included things like savory things (scones pronounced scons in Australian, cheeses, meats and such), scrumptious and sweet things which kind of combined into one course which included tea cakes and such and really really rich chocolate and sweet type cakes, tarts, and other custard cup type things. I don't know if I can remember what exactly the things are totally called, Mrs. marsha will have to put in the exact spellings of the things she knew. We all got different teas, I got chai of course and it's flavour was equisite, very strong but exquisite much the same. The funny thing was that everyone else except for me, the blind buy, did things wrong with etiquette. We all had tea strainers placed above our tea cups. By pouring the tea with tea leaves over the strainers, you were able to strain out the leaves. Mom, Grandma and Mrs. marsha all forgot to use their strainers at points, and they got some extra chloroform during the experience.

I'm home now, and I doubt I'll eat dinner. I'm so full after the whole meal.

War con tinues to loom even closer as the President is supposed to speak tonight about the bloody thing. All speculations are that it will happen by the end of the week and I am finally resigned to the fact that the war will actually happen and I have no control over this. Some would wonder why give up totally. What's the point in fighting? It's one thing to write about it, it's another thing to actually do something about it to stop the thing. There is nothing I know of that will stop the inevitable.

On a final note. We had a debate on the way back about the college girl who got killed in the Gaza strip while protesting the Pallestinian destruction of houses by the use of bulldozers.
My Grandma said that why would God allow the throwing away of life that carelessly. My argument is this. She's accomplished what she wanted. By sitting in front of the bulldozer, she hasn't thrown out her life, but has caused us to all pause and think. We're all discussing it now, thinking about the attrocities and how the Bush administration is dealing with, or not, the situation both there and throughout the Middle East.
In short, she is a martyr in my eyes and has made us all pause and think, made us all do what I love to do and that is reflect. More later, bottom of the evenin to you all.

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