Ner (djner) wrote,

I hate dial up

I'm relegated to using dial up tonight as our network upstairs in Gregson has been going up and down quite a lot.  Its slightly annoying, but since I'm not doing anything requiring much bandwidth, its just marginally slow.  It better be fixed by morning as I have a Celtic show tomorrow earlyish, and I don't do it well on modem so ..  For anyone who wants to attempt a listen, it'll be on at 10 a.m. eastern, 14 utc.  Didn't expect that our program director would keep me on the schedule this week but so be it.  I'll just have to foregoe my weekly download fest to update my Celtic library.

The weather here in the heart of the Ozarks has been absolutely wonderful as of late.  Yesterday it was downright disgusting though, the mist hanging and swirling low, cooling me to the core.  I was happy I had *some* warm clothes around, as the lower 60s high almost commanded me to wear a sweatshirt :).  No need for my mom to tell me to wear one yesterday, it was all me this time.

I hung out with one of my friends yesterday, Heather.  I had mixed feelings about it as the last time we'd hugn out we were heading to have coffee at the very place we met yesterday.  We enjoyed random conversation, and I enjoyed answering random chemistry questions which she had being taht she was about to take a chem clep test.  I also met her boyfriend again, and said more than three words to him; last time, we met in passing.  I never knew that there existed an architectural engineering degree, but he's getting one.

Very cool, now have my network connection back up, so perhaps I can do my downloading afterall. :).

Oh great, our newest batch of volleyball girls is at it again.  THey keep telling me at the operations center, otherwise known as "the front desk", "they're checking out, they are, today, they'r e going to be out of here then, don't worry."  I think its all a pploy, and I am afraid that they're going to take over my world some day and spread their vollyball "we're here to have fun, hehehehehehehehehe" sadness to my world.  Before I close, I swear to god, if they break out the duck call again tonight I'm going to scream.  They have been making it a habit lately to sneak up on unsuspecting neighbors and especially in echoy places like bathrooms, letting lose with "call of the mallard" at very loud volume.  Then they cackle and run around for a while, funny for them, and now that I think of it, funny to write about, but I'm thinking I need to get some nitro glycerin prescribed for the next squawk.  More soon, back on dial up, it continues I'm breaking out a duck call myself, arg.

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