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Still sitting here without a network connection so I'm going through my laptop for the dial up connection and networking to my desktop.  Its cheap I know but it works :).

I took a pain pill yesterday and started working on statics.  I thought I was fine as far as my headache went but by six, when I started feeling like I was going to explode (my head and my stomach) I knew that my efforts to arrest the thing were vain.  So I tried talking to friends online for a while to keep my mind off the thing.  I couldn't take it anymore so my friend Neil came to take me to the ER and for the second time in two weeks, I went there.  They treated me very well, and even though I had to wait a bit (apparently, I'd get in faster in the non urgent clinic), they got the job done.  I refused a full work up, and promised that I'd find a neurologist up here to take care of me and get me some meds that would work well.  I didn't really want to spend the night in a cat scan or other machine, because I understand these migraine cycle things.  I need to just get myself out of this cycle and i I can do that, I should be fine for a few months at least.  I don't think its Fayetteville that stresses me out, but it seems to be weird that when I'm here, I tend to get the headaches.

They're not fun, the headaches.  They make you feel like you want to die.  If it weren't for the sick feeling I get, I think I'd do fine and deal with it.  Pain I can deal with, pain with nausea ... yuck.  When the nurse said "there'll be a little stick" I made her smile when I said "That little stick is inconsequential to how I feel now."  And that is true.  I welcomed the drowsy feeling that came on me and enveloped the pain, whisking it away to pain hell until beckoned by the pain god next time.  I came back here and fell  into bed, only to be wakened by bouts of nausea.  I slept until eleven, got up, wanedered over the the union, and got a sandwich.  I ate half of it and felt extremely weak so went back to sleep.  Besides going to the engineering building for a bit to organize some things (I didn't want to go at all), and doing some statics (which I don't remember too well), I slept pretty much until 6 pm tonight.

I'm feeling on now, reasonably awake and a bit more energy, but still not back to normal.  I saved the best for last though, that statics we covered today, the stuff I don't remember?  Its the last sections and theory I'll ever have to do for statics.  Chapter 9, the last sections.  That eclipsed everything that's happened to me over the past two days.  Gotta be positive about something right?  There's no way I could keep going without finding at least one thing positive about my bad days.  I think everyone could benefit from this, because waking up, taking a breath, all of that is positive.  And, no matter what gets you down or hurts you, the miracle of life is the ultimate of positive.

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