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Note to my innocent readers. I'm cutting this because I'm filled with rage and if you're offended by rage, anger, or an occasional bad word, skip it. The readers' Digest version is that HOusing just told me that I'd indeed be living in Gregson, but on the Girls side. So basically I'll have to move down the hall for six months move all of my stuff down the hall, for nothing. Read below if you so dare, it'll be worth your while I'm sure :).

Ok here's my Terretts moment. Fuckin hell ;poiuqmr[peoi[padsoif,[oipomsporquwpoinasd;lkflkxmz'oid[pf. 8765876587614876532984. Damn.

Deep breath, and ...
Here's the story.

I was ready to go to dinner, ready to fill myself with Coffee Shop goodnes. Today's selections were chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, scalloped potatoes, aand green bean caserole. And it was good, which you usually can't say for RZ's usual fair. As I entered the door I was intercepted by the housing lady who also eats at the union. She's a student too, and I knows she's just the messenger but she sure ruined a good dinner quick.

"Hey, its H... from housing. We got your papers in order, I just have to give them too you."
"Cool, just send them over to me and I'd be happy to sign them." (I've been waiting for them to get their asses in gear and give me a freaking contract so naturally I was happy. Was was the key word though.)
"We've assigned you to Gregson ... (pause)) but you might have to stay on the girls side.
"uh, urm, what was that, can you say that again or are you kidding?"
"Oh no, I'm not kidding, you'll be staying on the girls side, the room opposite yours."
"Because someone already got your room, you didn't sign a contract."
"How could I sign a contract from the hospital?"
"I don't know, that's just how we had to do it, change is good right?"
"I guess, but how could you give up my room I've been here for six years."
"Well, the CSD has these rooms and they assigned someone there it wasn't ..."
"Whatever, we'll figure it out."

I walked off and got my food. I was shocked, mad and pissed off. I didn't understand why they pulled a Trail of Tears on me and moved me to the opposite end of the building. THis is really trivial you say? Well it is really, but to make me move all my shit 100 feet when I'm going to move in December to Tennessee makes no f--ing sense. Why they can't swap the person whose taken my room to the other room I don't know and why the CSD assigned them here I don't freaking know.

Larry and I are now both pissed off at the CSD, him because he's not getting paid and me because of this stupid room sh*t. So we're going to try a Túr de force. Right when the director, who happens to be a really cool guy, gets there on Monday after his week vacation, we're going to invade and solve our problems in one fell swoop. We hope. We're going to of course enhance our madnesses and pissed offishness by drinking lots of coffee/whiskey beforehand too which should be fun. Its either I stay in THIS room, or go to the Quads. Not that it would be too hard to move me, but its just stupid in principle to move me for such a short time and then move me again to the Quads when I get back from Oak Ridge.

I'm sure it'll all work itself out in the end, but it sure

Pisses me off

I should end on a good note. I'm really lucky to have good Fayetteville friends. Larry's a great guy, one that I'll always be able to depend on. He does stuff for me, and I enjoy trying to help him out. sunnyblue
There, all better now :). I need a nap now, oh wait, I've got a convention to watch first , duh. I'll write soon.

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