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much better

Celtic ambient music is soothing me as I slip slowly into a relaxed state, the minor and major chords stroking my mental capacities, evoking creativity and quietude. The balloons wouldn't fall fast enough at the convention but that's ok, we've got a good alternative. Though things might not go right in life, though the balloons might not fall fast enough as they did at the Convention tonight, waiting and simple patience always heals and always resolves everything that's wrong. I have complete faith that this will happen with me. I have complete faith that the things that I stress about will all get better; finding someone to love and who will love me unconditionally, getting a degree and finishing all my coursework, finding a job. I think its ok to worry, its ok to keep that mind exercised with worry, but its never ok to give up hope. Remember your friends, remember what they've taught you and what they do for you. Why I go off into a contemplative diatribe I do not know, but I hope it will help me calm a bit and help me to mull over the difficulties that present themselves to me. Its all about a positive attitude, a positive outlook on things, and faith in a higher being that everything will be all right.

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