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Today was quite an eventful day, well more eventful thatn I'd have expected had you asked me this morning for my itinerary. I got up at the late hour of eight, and headed over to fix my ravishing hunger at the coffee shop. I enjoyed a bagel with copious amounts of cream cheese as I talked with two guys, both of which I'd talked to before, and one girl from music who I enjoyed meeting. I also met the first of two UA Police officers I met today. THis one was in full uniform and was nice enough to offer his help, and say a pleasant hello. Apparently rather than hang out at the doughnut, on breaks officers from the UA Police Department like hanging out at the coffee shop. That's all good for me because I know they're always going to try to help. I came back there after spending entirely too much time at the coffee shop and drinking entirely too much coffee, and headed back to the front desk where I spent another most amazingly long time talking to our friendly desk worker. Talking probably isn't the correct phrase though, we bitched to each other about our respective housing gripes, ,and I further realized how concrete and steadfast I must stay with them.

Later that afternoon, after playing with Skype's cool new internet telephone thingy and failing miserably, I decided upon going to the union to get a haircut. The haircut went well and though I'm itchy, I feel lots lighter. At the very end of the cut though we heard sirens, something I'm not used to hearing in our student union. The short story is that we were forced to evacuate, and spent 20 or 30 minutes outside for no reason than a failed steam valve. I did enjoy talking to some of the random union employees including my barber. We all passed the time well, but I unlike them, wasn't losing money. It all turned out well, and the union continued ticking away, sirens off but strobe lights still flashing, and no one got overly annoyed.

The other officer I met tonight at dinner. He wanted to know how my leg was and I couldn't figure out why he was asking me and then it all came back. He was the first on the scene that winter day last semester when I fell. I don't know if the experience was a memorable one but he seemed to recall details like it were yesterday. He was glad to see me up and around, and we had other things to talk about as he too lived in Arizona for a while. In short, I really had a great time talking to people today, I'm blessed with a daring sense of adventure with people, and though sometimes I clam up and enjoy my loneliness, other times I strike out and meet the masses.

I just got done doing my show tonight. We have our network back, yay, so didn't have any problems doing it, but though I had listeners, I didn't have a huge number. I did have conversation from some cool friends of mine so that made my time all worth it.

Finally, I too called the Democratic Party here as controlg did. I hope to be getting a call back from the volunteer coordinator up here in Fayetteville and after that, starting to sell the Democratic tilt on things to the people of northwest Arkansas. It whould be an interesting experience and will only add to the interesting repertoir I'm starting to amass of things I've done.

Sleep's starting to overcome me for some odd reason. You'd think I'd have more energy being that I spent most of the day either talking to people or sitting around, but I don't. Sorry for the pointlessness of the entry, not all live journal entries need to have a point do they :). Oh yeah, my sister's wedding shower is tonight. I wish I could be there, but I *really* want to get this statics done, and we are so so close :))). I'm with them in spirit, and am thinking of them at their big Italian party :). And I'm about to make a date with my bed, may I sleep long and hard and dream about happy things.

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