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.18 blood alcohol and the destroyed intersection

Today's eventfulness has been nullified by what I just found out from yet another cool officer of the UA police department. I wish I could get the police reports because I'd love to paste this one in. I'll start from the beginning.

I got up and let Fiona out. I couldn't figure out why she pulled me very abruptly over to the grass and around something. Reaching down, I felt tree limbs. I couldn't figure out for the life of me why a tree would be in the middle of the sidewalk because there wasn't any weather to uproot it but anyway, weirder things have happened and I was just glad Fiona took me around it. The next time I went out, we expertly dodged the fallen tree, and walked along. She dodged yet another piece of something, but I didn't think of anything. I had a very quiet lunch at the coffee shop and talked to lots of people including an incredibly cute three year old who proclaimed me "a weally silly guy" and then came back. I wasted entirely too much time on Miranda and Skype, and then left again, a bit too late, for dinner. Abit too late because I neglected to remember that things close early on the weekends in the summer time. So I got a free cup of coffee "for my trouble" and headed back.

And that's when I found out exactly why the tree and piece of whatever was in the middle of the sidewalk. apparently at 4:30 this morning someone, driving back from Dixon Street after getting completely drunk, gassed it just a bit too much. To keep the busses routed and so that we don't get too much traffic through our intersection, the street is blocked off by these relatively solid gates. The car hit the gates, knocked them off the hinges and onto the sidewlk, then swerved, and knocked out completely one tree. Probably with wet pants after that one, he swerved again, and knocked out another tree (totally ripped it out of the roots), and wedged himself into some dirt and grass off to the side. He was going at a pretty good clip, so momentum and physics took over, and he stopped, burried completely in the grass and mud, trees and twisted metal in his wake. Luckily, someone, not me, woke up from the rending metal, and called UAPD. They came in time to see him trying to dig himself out.

His car was pretty much totalled I would think, and so were the bus gates, and the trees. So not only did he buy himself a free ticket to jail with his .18 blood alcohol limit being three times the legal limit, but the license plates were still intact on his car. Bad for him, good for the university :). So his insurance, according to Sgt. Fisher from UAPD will run him about $5000 just to fix the newly put in gates and trees. And that doesn't even include fixing his car, and Oh yeah did I mention, he cracked the newly laid bricked intersection too.

He left without a physical scratch but I shudder to think what would have happened had I been coming back late that evening late. Is drinking a bit too much and then driving back really worth it? Its ok to drink, but why not take a taxi? The PSA for today is this. Guys, drink responsibly, and if you're drinking, for goodness sake, get a cab back. Its really not worth it. I thank God no one was killed last night and the things that were destroyed were only material.

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